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  Nerethil 18:09 04 Nov 2006

Hello...I checked out the thread bellow me,and I seem to be having the same problem.I have a wireless connection bettween my pc and my sister's laptop whitch she just acquired.Although the two computers appear to have a working wireless connection,my sister cannot connect to the internet.Most of you will probably tell me to do the same thing the one before me did...In my case,things are a bit tricky though.One...I have tried creating an internet connection in her laptop,(activing her part of the internet)but I can't.Her laptop seems to have an ethernet card(a wired connection with other pcs) and won't identify the wireless connection.So,in short when try setting up an internet account for her,it tells ne that the netwrok wire is unplugged.Next thing is,I don't know the settings of my pc are the same as those that the guy before me had to do,since I enter the internet through a local area network with my father....Any help possible would me greatly appreciated!

  dms05 21:48 04 Nov 2006

If I understand you properly you are on LAN which includes an ADSL Modem Router. However the laptop is wirelessly connected to your computer and not the LAN and the Router. It seems to me that you should be connecting the laptop to the router direct and that may involve adding either an Access Point or using a new Wireless ADSL Modem Router. It may however be possible to instigate Internet Sharing between your computer and the laptop over WiFi. Take a look click here and click here

  Strawballs 09:58 05 Nov 2006

You would do better getting a wireless router for cable connection click here or a combined modem/router click here for a connection through the phone line.

  Nerethil 10:18 05 Nov 2006

thanx everyone,you were great help!!! ;)

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