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  hgrock 21:32 19 Dec 2004

hell o folks, can you help me here, I was talking to this bloke the other day and, he was telling me that he has a wireless router, not connected to any PC just the phone line and power hidden away in a cupboard an with another card on this laptop he can connect to the internet via the wireless router in the cupboard.
I said that was not possible, i just can't see how that could happen.
can you clever people out there enlighten me please, is that possible

  Al94 21:39 19 Dec 2004

This product will do it along with many others. click here Have a look about this site for a lot of info which will help you.

  Mikè 21:46 19 Dec 2004
  hgrock 21:55 19 Dec 2004

I know about these products, the first router needs to be connected to a pc and configured. but what my friend is saying is no, just connect the router to the phone line and with no connection to the pc except another wireless card in the other pc he can connect to the internet

  hgrock 21:59 19 Dec 2004

Miké with any of these products, you need to connect it to a PC and configure it. this bloke is saying that you dont have to. all that is required are 2 cards. 1 in the pc the other connected to the phone line and they will connect him to the internet, utter rubbish i think
how will the phone line signal reach the pc

  john-232317 22:16 19 Dec 2004

I have a 24/7 stand alone router connection through Telefonica in Spain and i know its not wireless, but as long as the pc`s have cards in them i can plug up to 4 into it, maybe you could do the same with wireless. ? The router is configured to telefonica not my pc, if you see what i mean.

  woody147 02:46 20 Dec 2004

how will the phone line signal reach the PC...err, via the wireless signal.
hence the name, 'wireless'. as in, the clue is in the wording.
My broadband goes straight from my phone line to a wireless ADSL router...no it's not in a cupboard (but i could put it in one if it would convince you??) - then straight to my PC, no wires(!!) (via wireless PC card) and laptop (via PCMCIA card). i.e. no PC's are actually connected to the phone line.
oh, the wonders of technology :-)
now i just have to connect my cupboard to the washing machine, and i'm sorted. :-)

  georgemac 08:21 20 Dec 2004

I can have the pc that is connected to my wireless router switched off, and as long as the router has power, my other pc can connect to the internet through the router.

I could remove the pc connected to the router altogether and the router and other pc with wireless adaptor will still work, so yes I could put the wireless router in a cupboard.

If you took a router stright out of a box and plugged it in, the only drawback would be the lack of security - to change the settings in the router (ssid/wep etc) you have to connect the router to a pc with an ethernet cable. Once you have these changed you can remove the pc altogether.

At least I think this is the case.

  Bebee 08:47 20 Dec 2004

Mine is in the cupboard under the stairs.

From Al49's link 'Connect your PC to the router using either the supplied Ethernet cable or using a wireless link'.

Seems pretty straightforward to me.

  hgrock 09:15 20 Dec 2004

I have netgear router connected to one pc. i can then use the wireless to connect to my laptop.
I disconnected the main PC and just pluged the wireless into the phone line to see if either Pc will find the router, both with netgear wireless cards. needless to say i could not connect to the internet

  georgemac 09:55 20 Dec 2004

I am about to go out so cannot try it now.

I also have a netgear wireless router - dg834g - connectected to this pc by ethernet cable. The other PC is connected to the router by usb wireless adaptor.

At lunchtime I will power up the other PC and disconnect thid pc from the router by pulling out the ethernet cable and see if I can connect through the wireless usb adaptor and the router - I am sure this will work OK.

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