wireless homeplugs to improve network performance

  c4rm0 21:03 29 Dec 2013

My wireless signal upstairs isn't very good when streaming videos it stutters and when I copy files from my NAS which is connected via Ethernet to my router downstairs the transfer rate is poor. I need one or two Ethernet port in my bedroom to connect my PS3/laptop to and I also need to improve the WiFi signal for my devices such as phones/tablets. I could go down the root of using a old router as a repeater or getting a dedicated WiFi repeater but I've decided on the homeplug route. All devices are wireless N and Ive tweaked multiple things such as transmit power/ different channels/ hardcoding to 5ghz+ wireless N etc

Could someone recommend some WiFi homeplugs to meet my needs?

  c4rm0 21:27 29 Dec 2013
  Batch 08:55 30 Dec 2013

This for Richer Sounds at £45 (in-store purchase only):


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