Wireless homehub connection to using a dongle

  AroundAgain 23:41 09 Nov 2011

I'm not an expert by any imagination but I wonder if the laptop is now set for accessing your hub.

When at your friends, try clicking on the icon in the system tray and then click on 'Connect to a Network' or something similar. You should be able to see a list of other nearby routers that the laptop can see. One nearest the top of the list, ie strongest signal, will probably be your friend's connection. Click and 'connect' (or double click on the connection) and you should connect.

Depending on what OS you are using, there may be a variation on this. I have Vista on my laptop. It's not set to connect as soon as I switch on, so I do this each time I want to connect. I see a list of neighbour's connections and therefore choose mine.

Previously, I have used a dongle and the procedure was roughly the same but it was on a 2nd PC, running with a dongle. Again, I was able to see other nearby connections.

Alternatively, have you looked in Control Panel, Network & Sharing (or Network variation)? That might help?

Sorry I can't help more. I can only go by my (limited) experience.

If necessary, post back, detailing your friend's Operating System/version, which might be helpful for further help.


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