Wireless Home Networking

  mdshamilton 12:09 19 Sep 2003

I set up a USR wireless router at home with a wireless PCI card in one PC the other PC is wired to the router and I have a wireless iPAQ all sharing a broadband connection. It all works fine. Very pleased with myself. Now to put some home networking security on.... this is where documentation and user guides fail.

Can anyone point me toward how to set up WEP, how it works etc (in layman's language)? I'm happy to share my internet connection with anyone who cares to come in range of the wireless router - however I need to protect my home network.



  AndySD 12:12 19 Sep 2003

You can get a wireless router with integrated modem then all you need is a cerd in the laptop. The advantage is most have a hardware firewall.

  AndySD 12:16 19 Sep 2003

Ooops sorry wrong post.

What make of router.

  mdshamilton 12:20 19 Sep 2003

click here

US Robotics Model: USR808054

  AndySD 12:37 19 Sep 2003

MAC address authentication (50 MAC addresses) and wireless association control

Each PC has a unique MAC address so first find them and in the router allow only those addresses.


Go to Command Prompt and type in

ipconfig /all

hit return....its the physical address.

Now for WEP...I will need to check.

  AndySD 12:42 19 Sep 2003

click here

or this may be better click here

  AndySD 12:44 19 Sep 2003
  mdshamilton 14:10 19 Sep 2003

Great thanks.

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