Wireless home network setup

  Cougar 09:24 29 Jun 2004

I want to set up a wireless home network so that I can share my broadband connection, printer and files etc. I have an Evesham desktop PC running Windows XP Home and an Evesham laptop that, according to the specification list has an Intel Pro wireless LAN Mini PCI-802.11b. I have an Alcatel SpeedTouch 330 modem.
My basic question is; do I need a PCI card for the desktop PC and a router or do I just need a router to plug my broadband modem into. Also if I need a router should I have one with a modem and firewall included or one without and use my Alcatel modem instead.
I know there are plenty of web sites on the subject and PC Advisor cover this but I am still confused.

  powerless 09:49 29 Jun 2004

You'll need a Wirelss router with a built in modem such as click here

PCI card click here=

This router will act as a firewall but does come with a software firewall.

  Cougar 10:02 29 Jun 2004

So I need a PCI card and a router. Thanks a lot Powerless.

  powerless 10:11 29 Jun 2004

Well I could save you a few. That router has LAN so you could cable up the desktop and have wireless for the laptop.

  byfordr 12:01 29 Jun 2004

click here

Including free wireless adapter (either desktop or laptop) for a limited time. Just over £90

All-in-one router the easiest way to do this. Means you can just have the unit on to use whatever pc you want.


  byfordr 12:10 29 Jun 2004
  Cougar 14:26 29 Jun 2004

Thanks byfordr. Your last link was very helpful and informative.
The way I think I now see it is if I get (say)a WG311 PCI card for my desktop and a DG834G firewall/router/wireless and modem then I should be getting somewhere. I don't know what card is in my laptop but it is 11b. I will check that the DG834G is backwards compatible with the b standard.
Many thanks.

  byfordr 15:32 29 Jun 2004

You can do or the free usb wg121 will do the job just as well.

The DG834G is compatable with the B standard. As in Ghostbusters "don't cross the streams" as you have a component running on B may be worth sticking to B.

If your desktop is near to a phoneline and you have a spare pcmia slot on your laptop you may do better to get the free WG511T, plumbing the desktop in through cat5(e). click here That would give you more flexibility when you roam the world ;-)


  byfordr 15:36 29 Jun 2004

Should say PCMCIA

If you don't want netgear kit try click here or click here as there as some bundle deals on other ranges of kit.


  powerless 19:18 29 Jun 2004

That's Centrino.

DG834G does both b and g.

  Cougar 19:18 29 Jun 2004

My desktop is at the moment near a phoneline but I may have to move it in the future. I'm not sure if my laptop has a spare PCMCIA slot, I'll have to ask Evesham. As you can see I'm pretty useless about the insides of PCs. I take your point about not 'mixing' g and b but I thought if I got the g now I may decide to upgrade the laptop to a g at a later date.
I was considering Netgear so I think I'll stick with your recommendation on the make.
Would you agree that I could use a DG834G firewall/router/wireless and modem with a WG311 PCI card in the desktop and use the b card in the laptop. As there are offers of the free laptop cards I may get one and put it in the laptop if I can and not activate the current LAN in the laptop.

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