Wireless home network, file sharing problem!

  bluegolfmonkey 16:41 27 Apr 2005

I am attempting to set up a simple network between by desktop (win XP) and my laptop (Win2000). So far I have taken the following steps:

1. installed a Belkin wireless card on my laptop.
2. installed a Linksys WRT54G Wireless Router to my cable modem and desktop PC.
3. set up identical usernames and passwords on each system.
4. Set 1 folder on laptop to allow sharing.

Internet connection is working fine (on both machines) so I am assuming physical connections are correct.

However, I can not see me desktop computer from my laptop. I can see my laptop from my desktop but I am denied access to it.

I would really appreciate any advice if anyone could help.



  LeadingMNMs 16:46 27 Apr 2005

Have you run the network setup wizard on both computers ?

Disable any firewalls and configure them when its up and running.

  bluegolfmonkey 19:19 27 Apr 2005

I can no find a network setup wizard on my laptop and I do not have the original windows disk. I tried it on my desktop with XP using a flash drive to transfer the setup data but still no joy.
Is there anywhere I can check the settings?

  bluegolfmonkey 22:48 27 Apr 2005

After reading around it seams that the Internet Setup Wizard will not work on Win 2000. Does anybody know how to get around this problem??
Thanks in advance.

  mgmcc 09:30 28 Apr 2005

If both PCs can access the internet via the router, then they are already networked and you don't need to run a wizard.

You do need to set as shared any folders and/or printers that you want to have available over the network and, in any case, should have at least one foilder set as "shared" in each PC.

Both PCs must be in the same Workgroup but have individual names. If you are running a software firewall, the IP addresses of the networked PCs should be entered in the "trusted zone".

You may have to be logged into both PCs with the same Username and Password, but might get away with having an Account with the same Username and Password set up in both PCs.

  bluegolfmonkey 12:18 28 Apr 2005

Zone Alarms on my Laptop was not configured to allow individual IP adresses. After entering the IP address of my Desktop and Router the network was fine.
The McAfee firewall allows all LAN IP addresses from to

Thanks for you help Leadind MNMs and mgmcc.

Best regards,


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