'Wireless headphones' - are they worth having?

  Housten 16:59 16 Dec 2012

Good afternoon,

Why "Are ‘wireless headphones’ worth it?" has appeared as the heading I do not know. The question I asked was "Are 'wireless headphones' worth it?"

I think something is going wrong or editing the threads. I would like to know why as I have seen quite a few headings like this, and I hope you will now understand what my question is about.

Many thanks, for reading this and my other post.

  Housten 15:43 17 Dec 2012

Good afternoon, gentlemen,

To say I am overwhelmed with your replies is simplistic and glib response, but one that in this case is absolutely true.

Thank you all because I was hoping that someone might tell me where to look was the best I thought I would get, but your replies mean that I have some very careful thinking to do.

Many, many thanks to everyone.

PS I will post this in both questions. Housten.

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