Wireless hardware suggestions

  [DELETED] 20:06 19 Apr 2005

Have previously bought the D-link DSL-G604T DWL-G122 bundle pack and then had a nightmare time getting a wireless signal to work.

I have now returned that kit and am looking to order something else. After my bad experience with the USB adaptor (I think it was to blame!) I want to get a PCI card and router instead.

Any recommendations for which kit is worth it? Should I be wary of mixing makes or does that not matter. Is a PCI card easy to fit (I take it this is my only other choice and will work?)

It is for my desktop PC which runs XP Home.


  [DELETED] 15:38 20 Apr 2005

try the 3 com wireless bundle which includes a usb dongle. click here have them.
By the way i don't think you need a pci router a the one i mentioned above uses your ethernet connection and the usb dongle plugs in to any computer you want to share your internet with.
hope this helps

  [DELETED] 19:18 20 Apr 2005

Thanks for the suggestion altough I have already tried a USB dongle and had no luck. What are my other options for the PC?

I am happy to set-up the router using ethernet but then want to move it away so what can i buy as an adaptor that isn't USB.

  Forum Editor 22:45 20 Apr 2005

about mixing brands of wireless hardware - all wireless adapters will work with all wireless routers.

USB adapters usually work perfectly, and I'm surprised to hear that you think you had problems with one. It is very important to install the software before you connect a USB wireless adapter however.

A PCI card is extremely simple to install - just open the case, plug the card into a spare PCI slot, switch on the computer and run the software. Windows XP will often install a generic driver for these devices anyway.

I tend to use Netgear routers, but that's just a personal habit.

  [DELETED] 07:32 21 Apr 2005

I am very surprised you had problems with this dlink package click here as I have now set up three of these for mates and all have worked perfecty since day one - all using the usb adapter. The reviews from users are all mainly very good.

I use click here netgear dg834g v2 router with netgear wg121 wireless usb adapter - it works great almost all the time - sometimes the usb adapter seems to lose it's settings and can be a pain getting it going again - I would say the dlink kit is superior to my kit.

Do you have any thick walls or anything which could have been blocking the signal or interfering with the wireless signal?

Does your PC or the equipment you were using the adapter in have usb2?

click here is another usb adapter with good reviews.

  [DELETED] 22:42 21 Apr 2005

Really don't know what my problem was with the dlink package posted for help all over the net and had no luck so sent it back.

Spoke to my IT guy at work and he said others he knew had been using internal cards with no problems hence my thoughts that I would shift to that ahead of a USB device.

There was no thick walls as I couldn't get it to work within about a metre. Anyway done with that and will look into the suggestions given.

  [DELETED] 07:41 22 Apr 2005

I think you were just very unlucky to get non working kit.

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