Wireless G or G+Mimo - Irrelevant choice?

  bstb3 13:38 23 Jan 2008


I have done a quick search on the forums, couldnt see anything directly relevant, so I will start a new thread.

The question is, Wireless G gives a speed of upto 54mbps, or 11mbps depending on the circumstances (802.11g or 802.11b). As I understand it, G+Mimo promises more speed and is sold as more suitable for gaming and heavy usage as a result. The internet line into my house at best offers a touch over 4mbps, so is the extra speed offered by G+Mimo even remotely relevant, as I will never touch those speeds?

I am about to buy a new USB Dongle, hence the question. My router is currently only cabable of Wireless G anyway, but at some point will be upgraded to G+Mimo if it is of any benefit to do so.



  Ashrich 21:46 23 Jan 2008

The extra transfer speed and " range " of a mimo device will always stand you in good stead , remembering that the quoted speed and actual transfer speed is always going to be a lot less , no-one ever lives in the perfect conditions that these router makers think they do !!


  setecio 12:07 25 Jan 2008

If it is gaming you're interested in go for the wired cat5e option. Remember you'll need both router and USB dongle to be a pair of the same 'type' and usually same manufacturer.

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