Wireless extender non-connection mystery

  Podracer 17:42 23 Jan 2015

We have a number of computers, (Win 8.1 and 7). laptops (8.1 and 7) and tablets (Android) in various parts of the house, all feeding off one Belkin wireless router. All works fine, but in some rooms, the signal is weak - so, let's add a wireless extender; a Netgear WN300.

After a bit of faffing about (mainly because the old wireless network had no password and I had to re-configure the network to add a password), I got the extender to work fine on all computers and tablets, except one.

A W7 desktop, which is just within range of the main Belkin network can access the internet via the main Belkin wireless router. However, when I turn the extender on, the extender will not connect to the W7 computer, and to make it worse, neither will the Belkin router - the Belkin connection simply cuts off. The computer recognises the fact that there are two wireless networks within range (the main one and the extender), but will connect to neither. I get a message for both networks that says the the settings on the computer are wrong. So, turn off the extender, and the main router connects automatically at once.

I must add that a laptop (also W7) put beside the desktop will connect fine to the extender, as will the tablets.

Any constructive thoughts as to what to do to resolve the connection problem would be much appreciated (and please don't suggest I run Ethernet cables!).

  Secret-Squirrel 18:18 23 Jan 2015

" I get a message for both networks that says the the settings on the computer are wrong."

On the affected computer, go to Control Panel -> Network & Sharing Center -> Manage Wireless Networks. Locate the two troublesome networks and remove them. Finally, reconnect to the preferred wireless network (the extender?).

  Podracer 20:58 23 Jan 2015

Thanks, Secret-Squirrel - I'll try that tomorrow and see if it helps.

  Secret-Squirrel 16:24 25 Jan 2015

"I'll try that tomorrow and see if it helps"

How did you get on?

  Podracer 16:10 26 Jan 2015

Thanks for your concern; I didn't use the computer over the weekend, but this afternoon I turned the computer on, and it connected to the extender straight away, with no hiccups, or even wanting me to put in the password. Only possible difference is that the extender was turned on before the computer.......I'll simply keep using it while it works, and if it stops working again, I will try your suggestion.

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