wireless is off every few minutes

  nikky-nea 08:09 17 Mar 2006

I have 6 PC connected on local network that using wireless internet connection. Our problem is that connection is off every few minutes. And speed is really bad (only one forth of original).

First we thought that problem is our provider, but their experts came and done all the checking of the system, and said that problem is our computer...because on their laptop wireless is working perfectly.

Can the problem be bad internet card...and if it can, can someone please tell me what card we supposed to use.

All comments are appreciated.


  remind 10:15 17 Mar 2006

Do you mean 5 computers are networked to one particular machine that has access to the 'net, or that all machines are connected to a wireless router and drop the internet connection at exactly the same time?
make and model of router/pc(s)/wireless card please.

  nikky-nea 12:20 17 Mar 2006

yes, 5 computers are networked to one particular machine that has access to the NET.

  nikky-nea 12:25 17 Mar 2006

so we have one router/bridge, that is conected on our main computer...and other five computers are conected on that main computer and they have comunications between eachother...

  nikky-nea 12:38 17 Mar 2006

sorry...needed to check model on machine...

it`s Air Live
11 Mbps Wireless Access Point
802.11b Wireless AP
Up to 17.5dBm power

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