Wireless Ethernet adaptors

  Pride park 03:59 28 Oct 2013

Basically I wish to connect my Panasonic tx32-le5b tv to my n150 Modem router, but I'm also considering connecting another Panasonic tv downstairs and maybe in the near future a ps 4, my belkin router doesn't offer the fastest wireless speed and I'm sure coverage isn't brilliant by today's routers, so I'm considering upgrading to at least a n750 spec modem router, but is it worth spending a bit more and going for 802.11ac spec? My main reason for considering this is better wireless range rather than speed. My other question is what's the difference between wireless adaptors and bridges? Well what are bridges lol basically I want the best coverage I can get and good speed would be nice but if 802.11ac is overkill then please do tell me lol thanks people for the kind help, I hope I can return the help at some point

  Pride park 04:02 28 Oct 2013

Forgot to say, can anyone recommend an adaptor that'd fully make use of whatever spec wifi I go for, ie are their any 802.11ac adaptors available or one that'll fully use the best of the current dual band 802.11n routers

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