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  lukealexander 17:20 20 Jun 2005

I am waiting for delivery on a new laptop which has wireless builtin. I believe it is b/g wireless... Anyway, using this desktop, in the meantime I would like to have this wirelessly connected. At the moment I am connected to Bulldog's 4mb service. Do you know of a cost effective bundle of a adsl modem/router and usb dongle that would enable this to conenct wirelessly, then the laptop when it arrives. I have seen products around 60 to 70 pounds..but would prefer to go to a shop for once rather than wait for online delivery. Thanks

  mgmcc 20:40 21 Jun 2005

Many users with wireless laptops find it suitable to connect only the remote PC (laptop) "wirelessly" and continue to use a "wired" connection for the main PC if it is located close to the router. This would mean that all you need to buy is a combined "Wireless ADSL Modem/Router".

Netgear DG834G - click here

Belkin 54G ADSL Modem/Router - click here

Linksys 54G ADSL Modem/Router - click here

  Taff36 08:11 23 Jun 2005

click here You can collect at store at the web price and there are several threads about setting this particular router up succesfully although the instruction manual supplied isn`t the best. The beauty about this package is the bundled USB adapter which you can install on your desktop and throw away all your cables!

  Taff36 08:14 23 Jun 2005

And it`s the cheapest option!

  lukealexander 23:33 23 Jun 2005

but my modem is a usb connection? this is just a router, not a modem am i correct?

  mgmcc 08:38 24 Jun 2005

<<<this is just a router, not a modem am i correct?>>>

The "D-LINK DSL-904", although very poorly described in the entry on PC World's website, is a combined Router/ADSL Modem. There is a better description at click here

  lukealexander 12:58 24 Jun 2005

crap, ive just ordered it and notices it needs usb2..will usb 1 work, albeit at a lower transfer rate?

  Taff36 06:08 25 Jun 2005

If you`re talking about the USB Wireless adapter I`ve set it up on various machines even back to Windows 98SE - it`s backward compatible so don`t worry as long as you have one spare USB port. Good luck!

Suggest you mark this thread as resolved and start a new one in the Network Forum if you run into problems setting it up.

  xxx2006 10:57 04 Jan 2006

can some one tell me how to commmunicate BT usb dongle with hyper terminal on windows XP after i install driver(Widcomm)?

  mgmcc 13:55 04 Jan 2006

By "BT" I assume that you mean "Bluetooth" and not a "British Telecom" branded wireless network adapter?

Hyperterminal basically runs via Serial COM ports, or modems connected to COM ports, so as far as I'm aware, it cannot be used with a Bluetooth adapter, or indeed a LAN adapter.

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