wireless dumbo - mercy!

  susie6100 18:22 21 Jun 2006

oh help.

my husband is a "gadget man" and absolutely insisted I needed to go Wireless. He has bought me a Linksys Wireless G Adsl Gateway. Ive got a laptop and on tesco.net broadband.

hubby knows less than me about computers.

Tesco's support line told me they dont support wireless?? they gave me some settings but there doesnt seem to be enough room to put all the info. they gave me.

and when i finished putting some of the info. in I got the message cannot identify ISP. and in the space where the server name goes - its blank.

any help gratefully received. EXPLICIT instructions needed. (like switch on computer!!)
second mental breakdown fast approaching. :(

anyone out there?? Please??

  ade.h 18:48 21 Jun 2006

Firstly, full model number of Linksys router required please. (If I haven't already got the manual, I'll need to know exactly what to download.)

Secondly, exactly what settings has Tesco provided? I'll let you know what you do and do not need, and see if there is anything missing. (Please do not spell out your password here.)

  ade.h 19:36 21 Jun 2006


  Forum Editor 19:59 21 Jun 2006

your laptop is already equipped for wireless access? You didn't say, and almost all newish laptops are, but an older one may not be.

Otherwise, provide ade.h with the information he mentioned, and I'm sure we'll soon have the problem sorted out.

  susie6100 22:30 21 Jun 2006

thanks for replying guys. sounds like the cavalry are in town!

ok. my laptop is a Compaq and it says WiFi bg certified.

The Linksys model no. is WAG54GS. (also says its a one touch set up button - they obviously havent met me!)

The info. given to me by Tesco is:-

[email protected]

VCl 38
ADSl auto


Service name (dont understand this bit, the guy at tesco just said " Service name as is"

Auth. CHAP

MTU 1430


OK. so thats all the info I have

I havent entered the info regarding service name cos I didnt understand what "as is" meant.

and the Auth. CHAP doesnt seem to be anywhere to put that.

but maybe you will know better.

fingers crossed. thanks for helping.

best wishe.

  ade.h 22:50 21 Jun 2006

Okay, nothing unusual there. CHAP authentication should be picked up automatically, as should your VPI/VCI as that's all bog-standard. MTU's a little low, but stick with what you're given when you get a specific MTU, otherwise the connection won't work.

The WAG54GS should be just like the WAG354G, but I'll check my pdf to be sure; I seem to have a growing mountain of router manuals, but they're all on my laptop (I'm on my desktop right now) so I'll check later. If I don't reply again tonight, it'll be late afternoon/early evening tomorrow. Either way, I wouldn't use any one-touch buttons or CD wizards if I were you; I'll talk you through the config UI that you access from a browser.

  ade.h 00:09 22 Jun 2006

Use the wizard in this instance; although manual config is available, it has loads of settings that would confuse you and I don't want to go into explaining them all.

Go through the wizard until screen 8.

The ISPs for the UK will be listed, but probably not all of them. Tesco piggybacks another service – I can’t remember which one. If your ISP is not listed, click the Next button to manually enter your settings.

The wizard should automatically detect the Encapsulation type you use: PPPoA for UK ADSL services. If not, enter it manually and you will have to go to the next bunch of settings.

If you were able to select your ISP, then the wizard will automatically select the Encapsulation, VPI, VCI, and Multiplexing settings. If you need to manually enter your settings, use this screen.

VPI and VCI are the standard figures.

Multiplexing – If it’s not already chosen, Tesco will have to provide this.

User ID and Password – Self explanatory.

Click Next.

Select Keep Alive.

Click the Next button to continue.

Screen 9 now.

Change your default router access password. Keep it safe.

Hit Next.

Screen 1 of Wireless Settings.

Choose to enter settings manually.

Enter a unique SSID name.

Choose G-mode only.

Enter a name for the router/gateway (mystery this one; the SSID is your wireless network name and no other router asks for its own name! Pick what you like.)

Click Next and on to screen 2.

Okay, fun bit now. Choose WPA2 only if you know that your wireless client supports it. Most do if they have had a recent driver or firmware update, but be really careful. If in doubt, choose plain old WPA. Just don’t use WEP.

Algorithm – choose TKIP if your wireless client is a old or not up to date. Otherwise try AES.

Passphrase – numbers, letters, symbols and at least 20 characters in length. TIP: write it out in a text file right now, then copy and paste it in. Paste it again when you come to connect a wireless client. You really don’t want to make a typo at this point!

Next again – onwards and upwards.

Screen 3 – click yes.

DO NOT click on the Norton icon at this next screen! Click Finish. Phew; that’s it.

Your task for another day is to read your pdf manual, particularly from Chapter 6 onwards, and learn all about the further configuration options that you will need to know about.


  susie6100 00:20 23 Jun 2006

hey ade.h

burning the midnight oil. as you were last night. many thanks for your help.

havent managed to get it right.

First problem I had was identified by hubby who smugly told me I had to switch the gateway ON first before anything would work. ?? what can I say !

Next question.... what time can you come round?!!

I wish he'd left the darn thing in the shop. :(

tried several times tonight and hit hitches each time and went back to square one.

If I dont let you know over the weekend that Ive done it, its because I havent!

If at first you dont succeed.... give up! my new motto!

having another go tomorrow. .. or later today. thanks again. I did feel quite good being able to say "No, its WPA not WEP". and "I think it will be AES not TKIP"... if only I knew what they meant!

Looking forward to some light reading as you suggested .... some other night tho. :)

best wishes, Susie

  ade.h 13:00 23 Jun 2006

Would you be able to work on it while you have an existing internet connection?

If you have two or more PCs, temporarily connect the router to whichever PC is not connected to the internet. Then let me know when you're likely to be on the forum and I'll help you out step-by-step if I can.

Were you able to find out what service Tesco piggybacks? (This will help).

  ade.h 21:20 26 Jun 2006

Do you still need assistance?

  susie6100 22:37 27 Jun 2006


do I still need assistance? lol.

is there a glut of football on tv at the moment?

my once brunette hair is now grey and falling out. this happened overnight.

Ive murdered my husband for buying me the wretched wireless thingy in the first place.

am I dumb or dumber?

the more I try the less success I have.

thanks for offering to go online with me. Im scared of showing just how ignorant I am.

I need to still get some info about tesco's piggyback name.

this is going to sound a stupid question, but how does it work out that when you are trying to get the wireless thing programmed and the internet set up - how can you do that when your internet isnt on? do you have to have the broadband plugged in and do it that way, or does it just happen with the wireless?

can you understand the question?

I dont know how the step2 works unless you have yor old broadband connected, otherwise it just says cannot find server.

more I do, more confused and lost |I get. and the more stupid I feeland then I cant face coming here to ask for help still.

but IVE plucked up courage to come back and say i STILL HAVENT DONE IT. :(
best wishes

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