wireless disconnecting

  elinaz 12:14 26 Apr 2010

i have a HP Pavilion tx 1000 laptop,and i've set up a win7 recently.my wireless turns of while i'mworking with the internet and only after logging off,hibernating,or restarting the laptop it'll be fine again.switching on/off the wireless switch won't help it,and others don't have this problem while i'm disconnected like this.
what's the problem?what should i do?plzzzz help me...

  mgmcc 13:13 26 Apr 2010

It's not clear if you've upgraded to Windows 7 from an earlier operating system but, if this is the case, make sure you have the latest drivers for your Wireless Network Adapter. These should be available on the HP site.

Keep any cordless or mobile phones well away from either the Router or the Wireless Network Adapter (Laptop).

You could also try changing the Channel number in the router's wireless settings. Most routers use either "6" or "11" so try these or, if already on one of these, try the other.

  Rahere 17:16 27 Apr 2010

Check the power settings of your laptop - could be that it is switching off networking in quiet periods to save power, there are power save settings in the networking section for the wireless adapter too, these sometimes get reset by updates in my experience.

The admin section of your router will have some settings that relate to lease (read connection period limited to x hours or days). You could try extending this to see it if makes any difference.

Also have you tested to see if it is just your wireless that is disconnecting? I use O2 and their router is well know to restart randomly...

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