Wireless Continually "Acquiring Network Address"

  robby1991 11:38 18 Apr 2008

Hi, last month or so i set up an home network on my virgine media internet. I set the network up with my main pc been wired with the ethernet cable and my laptop been connected via wireless from the netgear wireless router that was provided free with virgin media.

However, yesterday Virgin Media broadband went offline for a few hours and now my laptop cannot acquire a network address and therefore i can't access the internet from it anymore.

I spoke with a virgin media broadband team and we got as far as uninstalling the wireless manager and letting the laptops own WLAN picked up internet connection and manage it that way.

I hooked my laptop up to the router via a ethernet cable and it works fine and i can surf the net as much as i want.... after unplugging the etherent cable the WLAN picks up the signal and everything but it cannot find the network address. Can Anyone help me?

Also another problem i have noticed is that my son plays a game called Runescape and he is always complaining that the internet keeps losing connection randomly and i have watched him playing on it and seen it happen .... the wireless still says is has full connection and signal strength eyt it disconnects from the game and causes him to logout. There is'nt a problem with the game or wireless because it also occurs on the main pc which is directly connected to the router with an ethernet cable. Any suggestions there?

  setecio 09:21 19 Apr 2008

Is it virgin cable or adsl ?

What is the netgear model number and version ?

Update the firmware for it to the latest
click here

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