Wireless connects but no internet

  cherria 09:42 04 Oct 2004

I reformatted and rebuilt my laptop at the weekend. Installed XP, SP1a then SP2.

The laptop is a Dell Latitude 610 with built in Wi-Fi using Dell Truemobile

I have a Wireless access point connected to a BT ethernet broadband router.

Now the laptop sees my wireless network, and in fact will communicate to another PC which is cabled directly to the ethernet router. But the laptop will not connect to the internet.

I'm pretty sure that the WEP & Wi-Fi setting are correct as the 2 PCs will communicate, but I cannot work out why it will not connect to the internet.

Any suggestions?

  cherria 14:45 04 Oct 2004

any ideas?

  OwenLotts 14:47 04 Oct 2004

1) For future ref you only need to install SP2 as it contains SP1.

Bit difficult to diagnose without error messgaes....

  Caså 16:51 04 Oct 2004

Have you ran "New connection Wizard"?

  cherria 08:45 05 Oct 2004

No error messages is one of the problems. All looks well. I have a good strength wireless connection, I can connect to another computer over the wireless connection I just get page not found errors when I go to internet explorer.

  xania 08:56 05 Oct 2004

Can you please confirm that the PC can still communicate with the Internet. Its a long shot but... The only other thing I can think is that you may have set up the Internet to 'Always dial my default connection' or 'Dial whenever a network connection is not present' rather than to 'Never dial a connection'.

  cherria 09:52 05 Oct 2004

Yes, the PC can access the internet and another laptop I have on windows 98 can connect wirelessly to the internet.

Its just my newly rebuilt one.

It looks like it may have to be another rebuild!

  OwenLotts 10:11 05 Oct 2004

You say "No error messages is one of the problems" but then say "I just get page not found errors " - surely thats an error message????

  easyrider 11:57 05 Oct 2004

have you set the MAC address for your new laptop in the router and added it to trusted computer.

  cherria 13:49 07 Oct 2004

Ah Ha, could not see it for staring at the screen

I had the IP address of the DNS wrong in the TCP/IP settings

thanks for suggestions.

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