Wireless Connectivity and Windows ICS

  nvisibl 02:15 29 Aug 2006


I have NTL broadband on my PC and have setup Internet connection sharing so that my partners PC has access to the web. The NTL modem is connected to my PC via USB, and I connect my PC to my partners via standard ethernet cable.

She is moving her PC downstairs now and the cable is impractical. So I was hoping it was possible to have some sort of wireless setup to compensate for this?

Ideally keeping things as they are with my NTL modem hanging off my PC but having a Wireless USB Adapter on my PC and One on my partners too replacing the Ethernet cable?

Is this possible, if so, is it my best option?
If it is then can you recommend any products for me to check out?

The PC's are running XP SP2 on DELL Dimension 5000's.

Thanks for your help.

  Taff™ 06:25 29 Aug 2006

click here explains how to set up an "Ad Hoc" network using two USB wireless adapters. Typically these will cost you £20-£25 each dependant on the speeds of 54 Mbs or 108 Mbs.

Assuming your NTL connection is Cable click here This will allow your machine to connect via cable (supplied) to one of the 4 ports and directly to the NTL modem. Buying one USB wireless adapter should allow the e to connect. The beauty of this set up is that your machine doesn`t need to be on for the other one to connect to the internet.

So Option one will cost £40-£50 and second option about £65-£70. Second option is by far the better option and offers better security IMHO.

  Strawballs 12:23 29 Aug 2006

you need a crossover cable when direct connect NOT standard network cable

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