Wireless connectivity issue

  cab_man 19:44 08 Oct 2008

I'm having an issue with my internet connection; everything was dandy until last week when I re-installed Windows XP. Now, there is a wireless connection, I've checked with the provider and the connection is strong. The problem is that after about 5 minutes, the connectivity drops out. Going to the wireless connection properties 2 or 3 times seems to solve the issue... for about 5 minutes. I'm on a desktop computer that's set up across the room from the router. The software that came with my wireless card overrides the Windows configuration, but that's easily fixable by selecting the "Use Windows to configure my wireless network settings", although I've been having some difficulty keeping that selected. Last night I changed a setting on the wireless zero configuration and that seemed to set everything right, but this morning when I turned on my computer, there was no connection and I wasn't able to get into the wireless settings of the connection properties until I restarted the computer (about 3 times). Now I'm back at the same point I was when I reformatted.

  mgmcc 19:52 08 Oct 2008

I would suggest that you uninstall the Adapter's "wireless networking" software so that the adapter is installed with drivers only. You can then use Windows' Wireless Zero Configuration to manage your wireless networking.

The problem often is that third-party wireless software overrides Wireless Zero Configuration and takes control again each time the PC is booted. The only way to prevent this is to uninstall it.

  cab_man 20:07 08 Oct 2008

Maybe I'm retarded, but I can't seem to uninstall the software without it taking the drivers with it. At least, it doesn't work now. When I had set up the connection after previous reformats, I was somehow able to click the uninstall icon and that would be it, but now it just takes the (updated) drivers.

  mgmcc 20:18 08 Oct 2008

Can you uninstall all of the software - networking software and drivers? Then reboot so that Windows "finds new hardware", select the option to install from a specific location, insert the CD with the drivers and "Browse" to the folder with the drivers in. If the CD runs automatically to install the full software package, exit from that.

  cab_man 20:31 08 Oct 2008

That's seemed to work, although, I'm going to wait to see if it disconnects. Thanks a lot for the help!

  cab_man 21:08 08 Oct 2008

It disconnected, but I've updated the driver. Should that do anything?

  cab_man 21:41 08 Oct 2008

I'm really not understanding what's wrong.

  mgmcc 22:29 08 Oct 2008

I suggested installing with drivers only and using Wireless Zero Configuration because, in your original posting, you said you were getting reliable connections that way.

There are a couple of things you can try:

1) Change the channel number in the router's wireless settings.

2) Give the "Wireless Network Connection" a fixed IP address.

  cab_man 10:26 10 Oct 2008

I had changed the channel number on the wireless settings (1 and 6), but each time, I had to reconnect the cable so that I could change it back as it wouldn't allow a connection at all. Giving the connection a fixed IP doesn't seem to do anything, either. I am very confused as to what's happening.

  mgmcc 13:08 10 Oct 2008

Do you have WEP or WPA encryption enabled? If so, try temporarily disabling it and see if that gives you more reliable connections.

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