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wireless connections

  alibob1526 18:11 17 Jan 2010

I have a Dell dimension 2400 desktop & have bought a new Medion Akoya X7330 desktop which is running Windows 7. The Dell has Windows XP professional installed. I would like to connect the Dell to the Medion via a BT Voyager 1055 adapter wirelessly, I am with Tiscali,changing to Talk Talk shortly. Is this possible to connect the two desktops wirelessly. Any advice would be much appreceiated, Thank You. Complete novice.

  mgmcc 23:05 17 Jan 2010

If the two computers are already connecting "wirelessly" to a router for their internet access, then they are already "networked" and can share folders and/or printers.

Set the folders that you want to have available over the network as "shared" by right clicking them and selecting the Sharing option. In Windows 7 you'll need to set the "permissions" and the simplest way of doing this is to give "everyone" both read and write permission.

  Forum Editor 23:44 17 Jan 2010

is to give "everyone" both read and write permission."

It may be simple, but it can be dangerous. If you're using a wireless network, giving 'everyone'read and write permission means that you're effectively opening your files to anyone who gets access to your network.

  alibob1526 16:22 18 Jan 2010

Thank you for your reply, but at the moment only the Medion computer is up and running. The Dell is not set up yet. Can I set up the Dell, (plug it into the mains etc.) then connect the two by sticking the wireless adapter into one or the other, sorry I don't know enough about computers to know how wireless connections work.

  mgmcc 22:42 18 Jan 2010

To connect two computers "wirelessly" for File & Printer Sharing, *both* must have a Wireless Network Adapter installed. Then there are two ways in which they can be connected:

1) If you have a Wireless Router, connect both computers to the router. This will provide their internet access and they will also be "networked", i.e. connected to each other via the router.

2) You can create what is called an "Ad Hoc" wireless network. This is where the Wireless Adapters in the two computers communicate directly. If one of the computers has a connection to the internet, you can set up "Internet Connection Sharing" so that the second computer also has internet access. For more on this, have a look at these instructions click here

  alibob1526 21:31 11 Mar 2010

I have seen a Kodak all-in-one advertised whereby it does not cost a lot of money to buy the replacement inks, unlike my present Canon mp 170 which costs a fortune. Is there anybody that has experience with Kodak multifunction devices?, any reviews etc?.

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