wireless connection(I am baffled)

  kimosabi 22:45 31 Dec 2004

I Guys
I have read all the forum help on this subject but I'm still baffled.I have 1 desktop (Targa Visionary NTL broadband Terayon modem ethernet wire connection I also have a new Targa 811 traveller laptop(christmass prezzy)what a grand wife I have lol. Both running xphome But this is where my supidity comes in What do I need to buy so that I can use my laptop down stairs wireless I have a 802.11g wireless card in the laptop.I hope I have explained myself correctly all help will be greatly appriciated please can you (Tell ME WHAT I NEED)
Kind regards

  Technotiger 22:57 31 Dec 2004

Hi, have a look at this thread, probably has what you want. Good luck and Happy New Year.

click here

  easyrider 22:57 31 Dec 2004

I reckon all you require is a wireless modem/router.

  kimosabi 00:34 01 Jan 2005

Thanks Guys for your replys if I buy a wireless modem how do I connect it to my desk top pc or to the ntl cable

  bobbyburtie 01:01 01 Jan 2005

You really need a 802.11g wireless router, the ntl modem would conect to the router using a network cable, you would then connect your main pc to the router using a network cable.

  Forum Editor 01:48 01 Jan 2005

and then what you do is:-

Install the router by following the instructions to the letter. This will involve connecting your broadband modem to an Ethernet port on the back of the router (the port will be specially marked), using the cable supplied. Then connect the PC's Ethernet port to one of the LAN ports on the back of the router using an ordinary Ethernet cable. This is so that you can configure the router via the PC. Once the configuration is completed you can disconnect the PC from the router if you wish, and install a wireless networking adapter - either an internal PCI type, or an external USB model.

You don't have to use a wireless adapter on this computer of course, you can continue to run a wired connection between the ordinary LAN card and the router.

Once you've done all that your router will start distributing your Internet connection wirelessly, and you should find that your laptop's card detects the signal. You may have to click on the icon in the system tray at bottom right of the screen, manually select the detected signal that shows in the dialogue box, and tell the computer to connect to the network. You should only have to do this once.

It all sounds more complex than it actually is, and most routers come with detailed instructions. If you get stuck come back to this thread and we'll help you out.

  kimosabi 15:12 01 Jan 2005

A big thanks to you all these are the answers I needed. I will let you all know when successfully

  jesta 15:25 01 Jan 2005

i am also thinking of getting a wireless network and i have to ask you one thing do you need an access point or is that the router?sorry for asking such a stupid question.
happy new year!

  jagx400 15:25 01 Jan 2005

Kimosabi I was in the same boat as you, Baffled, but bought the router (dlink di 624) followed the very simple instructions, didnt have to install anything on the main PC, just put the router between the cable box and the PC. The one upstairs, just put the pccard in, loaded the drivers and away it went all on its own, been working faultlessly for 7 months now. Dead easy. Give it a go.

  kimosabi 14:13 06 Jan 2005

JAG My friend I think thats going to solve it I havn't had time to get a modem yet but now I know what to get thanks for your imput regards

  kimosabi 14:19 06 Jan 2005

jesta have a look at my thread Jagx400 seems to have the answer Iwon't close this thead untill I GET IT WORKING
regards kimo

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