Wireless connection speed problems

  pandapatch 09:15 03 Mar 2006

We have NTL cable 2mb broadband with a modem. We have just gone wireless (Belkin wireless G router)

Our main computer is downstairs with the modem and router right by it and connected with a cable.

The other computer is upstairs.

Everything is Ok until my son tries to play an on-line game on the dwonstairs computer whilst the upstairs computer is on. Then it slows down so much he cannot play

It's frustrating as we only went wireless so he could play on line games at the same time as the other computer was used for surfing etc.

Is this normal, is they're anything we can do.

Hope I have given enough info as I am nit technical!!

  rmcqua 09:30 03 Mar 2006

You say "...when the upstairs computer is on..." Do you mean, literally, just switched on, or being used and if being used, what for?

  pandapatch 09:37 03 Mar 2006


It seems to be when just turned on even if nothing is being done

  Bodice 09:42 03 Mar 2006

whats the specs of your sons pc?

  pandapatch 10:46 03 Mar 2006

Hello again

It's a pentium 4, 2.80ghz 512 ram

  Bodice 11:07 03 Mar 2006

I just thought I would ask but this seems sufficent,I have a belkin wireless and my kids use it on the upstairs pc and we have no problems, in fact they download countlessly. the only advice i can give you which ain much is belkin are really good and they can resolve almost all the problems as when i first set it up i had trouble and they corrected it. the phone number is free phone as well try them

Good luck

  pandapatch 12:15 03 Mar 2006

Thanks, do you have their number?

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