Wireless connection set up

  khafra 13:04 17 Nov 2005

Hi all
I have just suscribed to Wanadoo Broadband and
have bought a D Link DSL 904 Router and USB Adaptor. None of the above has been installed as of yet and I am not sure in which order it should be installed.

I am guessing that the first thing I need to do is install the internet connection, followed by the router which I then need to configure to wireless and then I need to install the adaptor.

Is this correct?

  mgmcc 13:56 17 Nov 2005

Connect the router to the phone line and connect the PC to the router by ethernet cable in order to set it up. A router is normally configured by entering its IP address into your web browser.

You need to configure it to connect to your ISP first of all and, when that is up and running, configure its "wireless" settings. When using a router, it is the *router* which has to establish the connection with the ISP, not a computer connected to it. If the router is booted and online, any PCs connected to it will automatically be online getting their internet access over the LAN.

Finally, install the USB adapter in the PC and set it up to connect to the router. When that is working, the ethernet cable from the PC to the router can be disconnected.

  Taff™ 18:02 17 Nov 2005

First of all you should set up the router using the blue cable supplied connected to an Ethernet port – RJ-45 connector not the RJ-11 telephone cable that you would associate with a standard telephone/modem connection. This is recommended but if you don`t have one on the Computer you`ll need to do it wirelessly anyway. It`s only a security precaution I think.

Install the USB adapter software onto your computer BEFORE plugging in the adapter itself. Reboot and then plug it in. Your computer will recognise the new hardware and install the drivers for it. If you have done it the wrong way round you must remove the adapter, uninstall it from Add/Remove programs and reboot the computer. Start again!

Open IE and type in to access the router admin pages. The default password is "admin" without quotation marks. On the Setup tab click wireless and ensure that enable AP (Access Point) is ticked and, for the moment security is set to none. Now click the apply button. Don`t forget to save your settings by going to the Tools Tab and select System settings – Save then the Back button that appears on the page (Not the browser back button) then the Restart AP button to reboot the router. You may have to wait for a few minutes and then return to the admin pages. You`re WAN light should now be solid green. This confirms you are connected to the Wider Area Network - The internet.

Log back in to the router. Now go to Wireless Connection 1 on the Setup Tab and put in your settings provided by your ISP (Wannado)- username password etc. Then click apply. Now go to tools and click system commands and click save all. In a few moments a message will say “Your changes have now been permanently saved.” Click the back button. Now click the restart button and wait, perhaps for as long as a minute or so. You should then be presented with the login screen again. The LAN light should now be on. Now try to access the internet using Internet Explorer.

I would strongly recommend that you change the default login details if you haven`t done so. Anyone that sees your network could guess the IP address, it`s common to a lot of routers and the login factory settings are the same.

The next stage is to set up Security encryption.

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