Wireless connection problem desperately need help

  lostmind 20:03 21 Dec 2005


i need help - someone help me

i have a USB NTL broadband connection connected via a modem

i'm using a belkin wireless router to connect wireless internet to a laptop.

my modem is still connected to the PC via USB..i cn still connect to the internet.

but i also connected the router using ethernet cables to the modem. my laptop detects the wireless router, but does not connect to the internet. something like 'server not found'.

i dnt understand why my laptop can detect the wireless router, but not an internet connection...


  Strawballs 00:58 22 Dec 2005

The internet connection should only be to the router nothing else the router then shares the bandwidth.

  Strawballs 01:02 22 Dec 2005

Sorry not finished it shares between the computers connected to it.

  mgmcc 01:03 22 Dec 2005

You cannot have the PC connected to the modem's USB port and the router connected to its ethernet port. Disconnect the USB link, connect the router by ethernet and connect both PCs to the router, with either a wired or a wireless connection.

The ISP only allocates one IP address and each computer must have a unique IP address in the network. The router connects to the ISP, gets the one IP address, allocates LAN addresses (usually in the 192.168.x.x range) to the networked computers and then "routes" the internet traffic to the appropriate computer.

  lostmind 12:12 22 Dec 2005

thanks mgmcc,

but i still dnt understand...

i am using my pc's internet connection to use a router so that i can also access the internet on my laptop wirelessly..

but wen i connect the modem to my pc with an ethernet cable it does not detect an internet connection anymore.. why not? but it does wen i use a usb cable..

  borolee 15:59 22 Dec 2005

I also have a Belkin setup. If i remember correctly, my NTL modem is connected to the router, and then the router too my laptop. I can then connect to the internet on this, and also another computer in the house

  lostmind 16:05 22 Dec 2005

Are you connected to your laptop wirelessly..i.e no ethernet cable to your laptop from the router?

  borolee 16:12 22 Dec 2005

No. My Laptop is connected directly to the router, and the router is also connected directly to the NTL box

  lostmind 16:13 22 Dec 2005

What i need is this kinda of setup:

I want a direct internet connection to my pc with an ethernet cable ..(but my computer does not recognise the cable even tho i have a Fast ethernet adapter)

I then want the ethernet cable from the modem to connect to the router, and another ethernet cable from the router to the PC.

Then i want to be able to connect to my laptop wirelessly...(as i have a wireless network card already installed on the laptop.)

  borolee 16:18 22 Dec 2005

Is your router connected to your NTL box????

  lostmind 16:22 22 Dec 2005

Yeh my router is connected to my modem with an ethernet cable, and then another ethernet cable from the router is connected to my pc networking port, but it does not then detect an internet connection on the pc....even tho i have a ethernet adaptor card installed..

although the laptop can detect the wireless router and connects,...it also cannot access the internet wen i try to browse the net like on the PC.

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