Wireless connection problem.

  Balloonatic 10:56 12 Nov 2009

OK weird one this.
A friend of mine has a Fujitsu Siemens laptop, which he has had for about 4 years. Over that time it has got slower due to the junk he has downloaded etc.
He bought it over to my house (about 4 miles from where he lives) so that I could format it and reinstall operating system, drivers and programs etc using the disks which came with the laptop originally.
All went well and I connected it to my wireless router to do updates etc.
Now here's the problem...
When he is at my house with the laptop the wireless works 100% and finds not only my wireless router but also 3-4 in the area. However, as soon as he returns home (or indeed just goes out of range of my router) the laptop instantly comes up with the "Blue screen of death".
If he uses it at home without the wireless switched on then the laptop works fine, but again as soon as the wireless is switched on you instantly get the BSOD. Return to my house and there is absolutely no problem.
Any suggestions would be very grateful as I have spent weeks trying to sort this including another two formats and reinstalling etc.
Running XP Pro with SP3 and AVG.

  moore_mat 11:28 12 Nov 2009

Hi Balloonatic

Wow; that certainly is a weird way to get a BSOD!

I can't guarantee to be able to help; but for the benefit of others who may be reading this; would you be able to confirm the exact message when it stops please?

It'll be something like:-
STOP 0x000000aa

Where "aa" is a HEX number (0-9 & A-F) of some sort. There are usually guides from Microsoft or others that help pinpoint what's at fault once the code is known

Good luck!

[email protected]

  Balloonatic 12:14 12 Nov 2009

Will have to look when I next go over, which will be in the next two days. The other thing is that if he start's the laptop at home with the wireless already switched on, then the laptop just goes into a revolving start-up loop (as soon as the windows progress bar appears the laptop restarts.

I am very computer literate with both Microsoft & A+iPro qualifications but I have never come across this before. It’s almost like it is locked to my wireless network only.

He has only just signed up for broadband (has always used mine) and this is how the problem came to light. I intend to format his laptop again over the weekend but this time connecting to his wireless for updates etc.

Will be interesting to see if this then reverses the problem and gives the BSOD when at my house or indeed solves it.

  Balloonatic 17:30 16 Nov 2009


Had another look at the laptop today at the friends house with the intention of reformatting it yet again.

However, decided to try a windows update to find any new drivers for the network - nothing found, so we went to the "Intel" website and entered as much detail as possible about the wireless card and low and behold it came up with an updated driver.

Downloaded and installed the driver and bobs your uncle... wireless working perfectly.

The only thing we have not tried is bringing the laptop back to my house to see if it will now find my network, but at least it now finds his.

  Lawlerc 10:59 18 Nov 2009

I have a Belkin Wireless Connection working in conjunction with a BT Home Hub. We have need having some trouble with our computer going very slow, we installed some new memory cards to increase the computers memory, which has worked and my computer now flies. Only one problem though it will not connect to the internet for me. It is saying I have strong signal but no connectivity - can you help. Also the computer will not let me download photos to a disc or let us play the albums in our I Tunes file, that is saying there is an audio problem.

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