Wireless Connection problem

  TomG 20:22 17 Feb 2007


I have 3 pcs, all xp pro sp2 on my home network.

I did have a d-link router and 3 d-link wireless adapters. Last Saturday I lost wireless connection to all 3 pcs, so amount of re-installing or repairs would fix it (though occasionally one of the pcs may have a connection for a short while. Connected my old win2k laptop to the router via a cable and it connected fine to the internet.
rang d-link who basically didn't have a clue finally they suggested that i upgrade the firmware on the router to the latest version, so they helped me navigate to the download page an lo and behold it was the same version i had installed - so they hung up on me! (interesting customer service technique?).
My ISP is talktalk, so I saw they sold a router and wireless adapter that was cheaper than the rest so i tried that.
Set it all up and my pc now has full connection (but strangely at start up i have to log into the router to kick start the wireless connection?), but the other 2 pcs refuse to join the network - i've re-installed, tried using windows to setup the network and tried manual configeration - the wife's pc can get a connection for about 5 minutes but that's it (and there isn't a solution that always gets the connection back), my sons refuses to link.
Other than running an ethernet cable from each pc to the router has anyone got any thoughts to the above problems?

  Ashrich 21:29 17 Feb 2007

Damaged Winsock on all three would be more than coincidence , but it might be worth trying this click here other than that , for now anyway , have you swept for Viruses and Spyware ? .


  STREETWORK 21:41 17 Feb 2007

I do not think you lost the connection. It was more likely TalkTalk having the problem. their services has been less than iffy lately. The common denominator here is the main connection (line)...

  TomG 09:58 18 Feb 2007


Yhanks for th esuggestions, I've scanned for viruses etc but nothing found, I'll read up on the winsock suggestion and let you know.

I don't think its down to talktalk as when i connect via a cable all is okay and all the lights show on the router to suggest my broadband connection is okay.

  TomG 12:39 18 Feb 2007


Tried the winsock repairer but no difference.

  TomG 20:34 19 Feb 2007

My wifes pc has had intermittant connection, so when the connection went down i ran the windows connection wizard.

This came back with a report saying that the winsock was corrupted and suggesting i call microsoft support.

I went, on my pc, to the microsoft knowledgebase and researched winsock issues. I found a document "How to determine and recover from Winsock2 corruption" Article ID : 811259

Now my wife has a better connection still not right but better. But interestingly the status light, for the wirelss connection is indicating no internet connection even though she is surfing the net!

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