Wireless connection but no Internet Explorer! Help

  Myamink 23:31 20 Nov 2007

Please help, I had to format my laptop last night due to a virus. I went in to Network Connections, created a wireless connection (only a LAN one was shown) and 'connected' to the Orange Livebox. Once I'd copied to IP address from the PC it connected. However the Internet Explorer says I'm not connected to the internet and asks me if I want to work offline? Are some of my settings wrong? Please help??

  mgmcc 09:07 21 Nov 2007

<<< Once I'd copied to IP address from the PC it connected. >>>

I don't follow this. The laptop should get its IP address automatically by DHCP from the Livebox. If it fails to do so, Windows will default to allocating a "169.254" address, which won't let you access the Livebox or get online.

If the adapter isn't connecting properly to the Livebox, allocating fixed addresses hides the fact and everything looks OK, but it won't work.

  Myamink 11:18 22 Nov 2007

In the Internet Protocol Properties I added the same IP addresses that the PC uses. The laptop then showed 'connected'. If I take them back out and 'obtain an IP address automatically' the laptop shows 'acquiring network address' then says 'limited or no connection'.
Sorry very limited computer knowledge!

  mgmcc 08:31 23 Nov 2007

Every computer in a network must have a *UNIQUE* IP address - you cannot give the Laptop the same IP address as the PC or you will have an IP conflict.

If it cannot get its address automatically from the Router, then it is probably not "Connected" to the wireless network. Allocating a fixed IP address effectively "hides" the fact that they aren't communicating and, in these circumstances, isn't helpful.

When you "Connected" to the Livebox after formatting the laptop, did you put the Livebox into "Pairing" mode, which is necessary when connecting with third-party adapters not supplied with the Livebox?

  Myamink 11:16 23 Nov 2007

Yes, it's in pairing mode. The only other odd thing was that there was no Wireless network connection in Network connections. I created it! Would the wireless connection somehow have been turned off when I formatted it?

  Myamink 11:38 23 Nov 2007

I've taken out the IP address that I forced in the laptop, set the livebox to pairing mode and it's now found it's own ip address but it still has limited or no connectivity... :(

  mgmcc 22:49 23 Nov 2007

If it has "Limited or No Connectivity" then it probably has a "169.254" IP address. This will have been allocated by Windows when it failed to find a DHCP server (the Livebox) from which to get its proper IP address.

In effect, the Wireless Adapter has still not connected properly to the Wireless Network.

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