Wireless connection of Modem to Phone socket?

  gplatt2000 14:54 04 Jun 2004

Hi all. I am planning on moving the computer into a iffernt room in the next few weeks, but have come across one problem: it would be extremely awkward to run a wire from our phone socket, to where the modem will be with the computer. Is there any kind of product that would get rid of this prolem, like a wireless system? Any ideas would be great, cheers


  johnnyrocker 14:56 04 Jun 2004

click here and click here should sort you


  Graham ® 15:00 04 Jun 2004

click here and save £40!

  gplatt2000 15:44 04 Jun 2004

Thanks a lot for those guys - johnny rocker - I still have to look atthose sites you gave me but Im in a bit of a ruch now so will do later.

Graham - thanks, that seems great - APART from - do they do an adsl version, as I have Broadbad? Ive had a quick search on their site but didnt seen anything?

Thanks again

  TBH1 16:47 04 Jun 2004

gplatt2000 - you will have no problems with adsl wireless modem - -or you may want to take this oportunity to go the wireless modem/router , well, route - - just incase you have more then one PC in your house.

  Graham ® 09:57 05 Jun 2004

I think most wireless adsl modems come as routers.

click here

  gplatt2000 11:18 05 Jun 2004

So would I have the Wireless ADSl Router plugged in at my phone socket, with a wireless network card (something like this? - click here) in my computer?

thanks again

  Graham ® 11:45 05 Jun 2004

For some reason my link is not taking you to the right page. In Ebuyer, search for 'wireless adsl'. The first one comes with a PCI card. Yes, the router plugs into the phone socket, the card in the PC picks up the ADSL signal.

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