wireless connection keeps dropping

  wato 00:55 08 Apr 2005

I have (1) A netgear wireless DG834G router (2) A PC with a D-Link PCI card (3) A laptop with Intel(R) PRO/wireless 2200BG Network connection (4) Broadband (5) Both PC and LAPTOP are running Windows XP Pro
I can configure them all to connect and it works fine. The problem is that the wireless connection disconnects after a short time and I can't find out why.… I can connect with a LAN cable and that is OK

I have tried to configure the wireless connection manually and using Windows networking set up but both ways I get the same problem.

Using Windows to search for network connections fails to find the network but if I leave it a while or switch of the system off and come back later the network connection becomes available!

I am almost certain that the problem is with router but can find no help about the problem at Netgears web site!

I think I have seen somewhere that there is a conflict in Windows XP that might cause this problem but can find no info about it.

Can anyone help? Its driving round the bend……

  The BB 20:21 10 Apr 2005

Also have the DG834 ... found that changing the channel helped; have a look on your wireless PC and see if there are other networks that might conflict (and cause dropping) and heresay has it that microwaves/phones etc. may also interfere. See if there is a time patrtern or if its every time you put your coffee in the microwave!

Also try moving the antenna's and making sure they are not unnecessarily blocked with thick walls etc.

  Dipso 22:24 11 Apr 2005

I have a DG834G and have been having similar problems when using my laptop with the Intel(R) PRO/wireless 2200BG click here. Same here, Windows takes an age to find the network and when it does, the connection starts to decrease in speed until it finally disconnects.

I found by installing the Intel management software and a later version of the driver from click here the connection was established much quicker but it failed to solve the dropping of the connection.

I found that after changing the settings of the router to wireless B rather than B and G, the wireless connection no longer drops but although this is sufficient for surfing I am not getting the network speed intended.

I bought the router in February but am still trying to resolve this. I have even considered buying a USB wireless adapter to rule out my laptop as being the cause of the problem (I don't know anyone else with a wireless router that I can test it on) but have also been considering updating the firmware on the router (since reading of improvements to range etc. on the Netgear forums) but this would be to a BETA version and I hear it is a bit tricky so I am hesitant.

Please post back if you get anywhere with this as I would be very interested.

  [email protected] 08:46 12 Apr 2005

I have had this problem since sp2 but checking for time & sources has been frustrating to rectify the fault. The final conclusion I have come to is amateur radio geeks are the cause of my drop for no reason. How do I solve that I do not know at this moment in time.
any geeks who can help would be nice to hear from

  Dipso 14:19 12 Apr 2005

Do you have the same hardware then, the Netgear DG834G and the Intel(R)PRO/wireless 2200BG?

  wato 15:41 12 Apr 2005

It's rather reasuring to know that I am not the only idiot with this problem.
DIPSO I agree that you should not try the BETA upgrade yet. And I am not sure that the Intel management software upgrade is the answer as it does work but with problems. Perhaps there is a problem with SP2 as kellysbouncas says but I would not agree that local amature wireless are the problem. If they were then why do wireless routers from othe stables seem to be OK?
I have sent off a help request to netgear - hope that the problem which appears to be quite common is one that they have the answer too. Watch this space.....

  ringadingding 22:05 12 Apr 2005

I'm having problems with a Netgear product dropping connections, although mine is a WGT624 v2. I have tried for the past two weeks and I'm still no further on than the 1st day. I have even spoke to an Indian lady in Bombay who answers the helpdesk line and she told me it's my ISP(ntlworld.com), but my connection works fine minus the Netgear router. I phoned Ntl just in case but everything was fine their end, and my Ip address worked without the router.
I look forward to reading the resolvement of Netgear products, even if it is from India.

  jim789 19:48 13 Apr 2005

Just a thought, have you unticked the box that allows windows to turn off the wireless card to save power? I know it can sometimes be down to dodgy power management that makes windows think it should turn the device off... especially with laptops

  Dipso 21:22 13 Apr 2005

Sorry to butt in wato ;)

I am willing to try anything but does the fact that I have no problem in b only mode indicate that power management is not the problem in my case anyway?

  wato 19:08 14 Apr 2005

This is a copy of the advise that Netgear sent me today (14-04-05)

Netgear Customer,

You need to download the latest beta firmware from the support pages for your product on click here

Once you have downloaded and unzipped the firmware file, log in to the router screen in internet explorer, click here admin / password as default.

Click the router / gateway upgrade option.

Click browse and locate the unziped firmware file.

Click upload.

The process may now take upto 5 minutes to complete. It is very important that you don't interupt the upgrade process as you may make the ROM chip unreadable.

Once the upload is completed, it is recommended that you reset the router. To do this, click back up settings menu option, and select erase or revert to factory defaults. Once you have done this, you should reconfigure the router from scratch.

If you require further assitance, you should contact us on 0870 112 1206 - technicians are available 24 hours a day.

This is obviously specific to my DG834G router and No advice has been given about how to back up the existing firmware AND mention made about the fact that there is no support for BETA firmware products!

I have decided to bite the bullet and do as they advise. the worst it can do is make the router unusable in which case I will return it to Netgear and ask for a refund....

Watch this space for a further update after I have tried the BETA firmware upgrade.

  Dipso 20:23 14 Apr 2005

Hope it goes OK. There is a utility on the Netgear site in case things go pear-shaped, you may already have d/l it but if not click here

I tried jim 789's theory re: power management earlier and it didn't have any effectfor me, the connection started at 54Mbps and started to drop until it disconnected as before.

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