Wireless connection issues

  Clapton is God 09:09 12 Dec 2010

I’ve just replaced my old Tiscali USB ADSL modem with a new Tiscali wireless router.

The internet connection is working perfectly (and I’m getting improved speeds) but I can’t work out how to tell Outlook Express to recognise the wireless connection as the new default connection to send/receive e-mail.

If I work through the OE Connection Wizard it doesn’t even offer me the new wireless connection as the one for OE to use to connect to Tiscali’s mail servers.

Has anybody got any bright ideas please?

  howard64 09:20 12 Dec 2010

have you removed the ethernet connection? If so it is not oe that uses the wireless connection but your browser.

  howard64 09:22 12 Dec 2010

what I meant to say was it is your connection to the net that has to use the wireless and your system must be set up with a wireless device and have the ssid key set to your wireless router.

  bremner 09:22 12 Dec 2010

You should only have to give the incoming and Outgoing POP & smtp addresses in OE as it describes here click here

  Clapton is God 09:54 12 Dec 2010

The wireless device is set up and working and my internet browser is connected - that's how I'm able to make this post.

Incoming and outgoing addresses are OK - nothing's changed. OE simply refuses to send/receive because it won't recognise the new wireless connection.

  bremner 10:25 12 Dec 2010

As Howard64 has said OE6 does not have anything to do with the wireless connection.

Go to IE > Tools > Internet Options > Connection ensure the "Never dial a connection " button is set. Then go to LAN settings and make sure there is a tick against "Automatically detect settings"

  Clapton is God 10:32 12 Dec 2010

Sorry guys. Problem solved and it was me failing to see the obvious in front of me!

When I went through the OE connection wizard it kept offering 'Local Area Network' as the connection to use.

Being new to this wireless game I didn't realise that it is, in fact, the name of my new wireless 'network'.

I've now selected it as the connection for OE to use and all's well again.


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