Wireless connection issue

  amanda-1619170 19:52 03 Mar 2011

My dh's laptop had to go to the repair shop, after a week we have it back and he lost everything, he is not happy, but that is beside the point lol. Anyway as he does not have the patience of Job, or indeeed even a flea, it is up to me to get it back up and running. So I installed Works and antivirus etc but I can't get the laptop to connect to the wireless internet.

I know I have to type in a number from the router, but there are 3 numbers at the bottom of it and none seem to work. I also understand that resetting the router might help, but he says he doesnt want me to upset the connection I have with the desktop, if I try that. However the desktop is not wireless, so would that affect it?

The only way I see I can connect his PC is to reset the router, is this what I should do? Or if you could tell me what number I type into the box I would be grateful. By what number I mean on the bottom it has a pin number, a serial number and a mac number, is there any other number I should be inputting or looking for.

I would appreciate any help, before he drives me insane with his whinging

  rdave13 08:02 05 Mar 2011

Log in to your router using the wired PC. You'll need to type in the router's IP address in IE address bar. Search google for this and for the default name and password, if not changed, unless you know the details.
Once logged in select wireless network settings, or similar, make a note of the security mode (ie WPA2-PSK) and copy exactly the the pre-shared key. Also note the SSID (name that the router is broadcasting under). Log out of the router.
On your laptop select 'connect to' and select your router. Follow prompts to enter the details.

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