Wireless Connection IP Address Problem

  dognabbit 12:18 31 Dec 2005

hi, i'm still struggling to get my router to assign the correct IP address to my laptop via a wireless connection. The laptop appears to make the wireless connection, but is assigned an automatic IP address by windows, rather than the 192.168.1.x that i would expect. Tried to renew under ipconfig, but wont work. Tried to 'repair' wireless connection, but it fails to renew the IP address. Any thoughts ? So close, yet so far away. know the feeling ?

  mgmcc 13:34 31 Dec 2005

Is the router's DHCP server actually enabled?

<<< The laptop appears to make the wireless connection >>>

If the connection has definitely been established, the little icon will have its "halo" to indicate it is connected to that "Available Network" - has this happened?

  dognabbit 14:38 31 Dec 2005

The laptop shows a strong connection (the halo is there too), however, i cannot access the broadband connection. i'm pretty sure that i wont get to the root cause until i get the IP address within my routers range (the old 192.168.1.x). Any ideas why windows is generating its own ?

  mgmcc 15:25 31 Dec 2005

Windows is allocating an address, presumably in the "169.254" range, because the wireless adapter is set to get its IP address automatically and has been unable to find the DHCP server, in this case the router, from which to get it. Even after being allocated the 169.254 address, it should continue to try to find a DHCP server so that it can update to a 'proper' address.

This is why I asked if the wireless adapter had definitely connected properly to the network and got its 'halo', because it should then have been allocated an IP address in the same subnet as the router, i.e. 192.168.1.xxx

Can you check in the router's settings that DHCP hasn't been disabled?

You could try allocating fixed addresses to the wireless adapter, but that will only work if there isn't another problem which is actually preventing them from communicating.

  01chris 15:51 31 Dec 2005

What router are you using and are you using WEP encryption, I had the same problem due to an incorrect key on the laptop. If it does have WEP encryption make sure you have the right key/passphrase on the laptop.

  dognabbit 17:40 31 Dec 2005

Thanks for those last 2 respones. I'll check them out as soon as i can. I appreciate ppl taking the time out during this holiday period to help. cheers.

  dognabbit 12:28 01 Jan 2006

After reading through the latest postings, I decided to uninstall my wireless pc card in my laptop, so that any 'iffy' settings i had altered would be reset. After the usual bit of 'buggering' about, i managed to get it back installed. The laptop is now picking up the correct IP and i can connect to the internet !!! hurrah. Thanks to everyone for there support.

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