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Wireless connection on HP Compaq PC

  thumbscrew 10:01 03 Feb 2014

I have an HP Compaq D2400 PC. I have not had it from new and I believe it initially ran on Vista, now I have Windows 7. Can anyone tell me how to find out if it has a wireless card installed and if not how to connect one?

  xania 10:39 03 Feb 2014

Desktop PCs typically, and certainly those of 'a certain age' would not have a wireless card installed. If one has been added subsequently, you will see an aerial stick (or two) sticking out from the back of the PC, and you will almost certainly also have a CD with the drivers for it.

You can find out more about the basic machine and obtain up-to-date drivers at click here you need to get a wireless connection, you can either buy a USB dongle or a wireless card:

  • if you have a spare USB port, you simply plug it in

  • you need to open up the box and connect a wireless card to a spare PCI connector - see click here further advice

If for

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 17:49 03 Feb 2014

Look in device manager it will show with an exclamation mark if fitted without driver being installed by windows 7.

  thumbscrew 20:24 04 Feb 2014

Many thanks xania,Fruit Bat and Jock, excellent responses. Can't see anything in Device Manager about a Wireless Card and certainly no aerial stick at the back. The dongle seems a much simpler and convenient choice. Is it just a matter of plugging one in and leaving it, or does it expire at some stage?

  tullie 21:31 04 Feb 2014

This is what I use,just stick it in and thats it,think theres a driver cd with it from memory.

click here

  thumbscrew 21:49 04 Feb 2014

Thanks tullie, and once it's in that's it??

  xania 09:56 06 Feb 2014

You will need to input the modem/router password to complete the connection, and that's it.

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