wireless connection dropping problems

  noceross 10:59 28 May 2007

Hi folks, hope someone can help me out with a most infuriating problem.

I have a broadband connection with Sky, and use a Netgear DG834T wireless router which I have been used wired via ethernet to my desktop PC, with no problems, for many months.

However I have recently purchased a Vista laptop with built in wireless. And I am having real problems with the wireless networking.

I had no problems marrying the laptop up with the Netgear router, and everything was working fine. However from time to time the connection will just drop for no reason, despite the singal strength being really strong. The strange thing is that once it drops (and this can be after many hours of surfing), it is virtually impossible to reconnect - either the laptop will refuse to see the router or it just will not reconnect (for unknown reasons according to Vista).

I have tried rebooting the router (I have 2 routers and have tried them both), disabling and re-enabling the wireless card in the laptop, changing the broadcast channel of the router, moved the laptop closer to the router, I've even exchanged the laptop but the problem persists.

It can work fine for a couple of weeks, but then once the connection drops one day it seems to go into a cycle of doing it every day for a week or so. It is proving impossible to get reconnected once it drops, however the next morning all is fine. There is no set time as to when this happens - its purely random.

So, has anyone heard anything similar, or have any ideas as to what I can try? It's so very infuriating yet I don't know where to start because I can't see it's a problem with the router (I've tried 2) or the laptop (I've tried 2)

Many thanks for any help you can give


  birdface 11:37 28 May 2007

Same sort of problem,You may find something on here that may help. click here

  Batch 17:07 28 May 2007

Surprisingly enough, just updating the drivers for my Samsung lappie made a considerable difference to connection stability (an update was made available by Intel due to a security issue).

  noceross 17:19 28 May 2007

I've updated the drivers for the laptop, and especially the integrated wireless card as there was an update available - but sadly this has not helped.

  Dipso 23:23 28 May 2007

Have you tried changing the wireless channel in the router?

  noceross 07:22 29 May 2007


Yes, I've tried several different broadcast channels on the router because I wondered if something was interfering with it, but doing this hasn't helped.

Hmmmm strange

  Dipso 14:51 29 May 2007

Bit stuck on what to advise but the router isn't located anywhere near a possible source of interference i.e. a DECT phone, microwave, video sender even TV's have been known to cause wireless slowdowns or dropouts.

  Pineman100 16:52 29 May 2007

Any possibility of a conflict with a neighbour's wireless router?

  noceross 17:44 29 May 2007

Would changing the broadcast channel of my router (which I've done several times) resolve a conflict with a neighbours router.

One of the strange things is that when the connection drops and I'm unable to reconnect to my own network, I still seem able to connect to a neighbours router - so if it is some kind of interference it seems to only affect my connection to my own router.

  Dipso 20:52 29 May 2007

"Would changing the broadcast channel of my router (which I've done several times) resolve a conflict with a neighbours router."

Usually yes. You can find out which channel your neighbour/s broadcast on using a tool like this click here but I'm not sure that's your problem.

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