Wireless connection to Dell E521

  Ken J 23:43 25 Jun 2007

I have a BT Broadband Home Hub working fine for wireless connections to my Dell Laptop and my Ninetendo WII.
I have Windows Vista Home Premium on my Dell Dimension E521 desktop PC and I am having real problems sorting out the wireless connection. I am able to connect via Ethernet just fine.
I have tried two wireless network USB adapters in this machine(Voyager 1055 and a Belkin G+)
They appear in the device manager to be working properly but they and the software do not load.

Any ideas

  mgmcc 11:19 27 Jun 2007

Try installing the USB WiFi adapter(s) with drivers only and let Vista look after the wireless connections.

  ambra4 02:45 28 Jun 2007

It is strongly recommended by All router suppliers that you use a physically connected cable
to the Router (via an RJ45 cable) for router setup. (Please read manual before installing router)

Using a wireless connected computer for setup is Not recommended or to access setup at any time.

Can cause major corruption to firmware on the router and great pain to you as could

Remove both wire less adapters and put away


Have you setup your network adapter on the desktop

Click “Start”, “Settings”, then “Control Panel”.

2. Double-click on the “Network and dial-up connections
“Network” icon (Windows XP).

3. Right-click on the “Local Area Connection” associated with your
network adapter and select “Properties” from the drop-down menu.

4. In the “Local Area Connection Properties” window, click “Internet
Protocol (TCP/IP)” and click the “Properties” button

5. Select “Obtain an IP address automatically

6 Obtain DNS server address automatically”

7 Click “OK”.

Your network adapter is now configured for use with the Router.

  ambra4 02:47 28 Jun 2007

Recommended Web Browser Settings

In most cases, you will not need to make any changes to your web browser settings.

But if you was using dialup check your browser setting.

Internet Explorer 4.0 or Higher

1. Start your web browser. Select “Tools” then “Internet Options”.

2. In the “Internet Options” screen, there are three selections:
“Never dial a connection”, “Dial whenever a network connection
is not present”, and “Always dial my default connection”.

If you can make a selection, select “Never dial a connection”. If you
cannot make a selection, go to the next step.

3. Under the “Internet Options” screen, click on “Connections” and select “LAN Settings…”.

4. Make sure there are no check marks next to any of the displayed
options: “Automatically detect settings”, “Use automatic
configuration script”, and “Use a proxy server”.

5 Click “OK”. Then click “OK” again in the “Internet Options” page.

  ambra4 02:56 28 Jun 2007

Configuring your Router

Running the Setup Wizard not sure if BT router have a setup wizard

1. You can access the web-based management user interface of the
router using the Internet browser.

2. Type “Check manual for correct code” (do not type in anything else such as “http://” or “www”) in your browser’s address bar.

3. Then press the “Enter” key.


It is strongly recommended that you use a computer physically connected
to the Router with an RJ45 cable for initial setup.

Using a wireless connected computer for initial setup is
not recommended or to access setup at any time.

2. The login screen will appear in your browser to prompt you
to login.

3. Check the manual for the correct user name and password

4. Click the “Submit” button to log in.

5. Just follow the instruction in the manual

6. Any problem I would need the BT make and model number

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