Wireless connection between two computers

  Dobba 11:27 03 Aug 2004

I have an office at home, using an upstairs bedroom and my Mesh computer (Windows XP Home, Freeserve Broadband)) is connected to the internet in the usual way.
My wife has her computer downstairs (Windows 98) and it is not possible, at the moment, to connect this to a telephone line, so she cannot access the internet.
I have been told that it is possible to connect the two together using "wire-less cards" so that my wife can access the internet through my Broadband connection without having to install another broadband modem or subscribe to another Service Provider and without the need to thread cables through the house.
If this is so, can anyone describe exactly the type of card(s) I must have and any snags that might arise?
Also, if it is possibole to do the above, will my own virus protection (Norton + Zone Alarm Pro) protect her computer as well or will she need to buy separate programmes for her own computer?

  inneedofhelp 14:23 03 Aug 2004

For your pc, u need to buy a wireless router which a built in B/B modem. I say built in to make the process simple. You would then plug this into your computer and access your broadband connection through that. You would then only have to buy a wireless pci card for the computer downstairs. Then use the program that came with thr wireless pci card to configure it.

  Dobba 16:48 03 Aug 2004

Thanks for that. Presumably if I pop down tomy friendly neighbourhood PC World they will be able to supply the parts.
However, I still need to know if my current Norton Anti Virus and Zone Alarm Pro setup will protect both computers.
Can you help with this please?

  palinka 16:48 03 Aug 2004

Dobba; sorry to hijack your posting, but this is very like my situation. Can inneedofhelp tell us: What if the second computer (the one downstairs in your case) is a laptop? Would the same solution apply? ie just a wirelsess card for the laptop.

  TBH1 17:00 03 Aug 2004

if you go the router/bb modem 'route', both PC's will be able to access the net independantly of the other, in which case you would need AV and firewall set up on both; as zonealarm is free, and AVG is free, no worries.Saying that, i believe you can get routers with built-in firewall

  inneedofhelp 22:04 03 Aug 2004

as above if its a laptop then yes, just buy a card that slots into ure pcmia slot or known aswell as card bus slot. as with firewall, most good routers come with there own in built firewall, however its always good to have a backup, so yes, your current setup will be ok.

  inneedofhelp 22:06 03 Aug 2004

yes pc world will have all the parts u need, they also supply a leaflet near the networking bit giving good and easy advice.. thats were i bought my stuff from

  byfordr 22:32 03 Aug 2004

Various ways to do it click here

Pc Woe will supply you everything you need at a premium! For kit at non-premium prices click here click here with free laptop or desktop wireless adapter.

Post back if theres anything further.


  [DELETED] 22:43 03 Aug 2004

Netgear kit is the simplest to install and most trouble free I've had. Their modem/router has both NAT and Stateful Packet Inspection hardware firewalls so there is no real need for (say) Zone Alarm unless you wish to prevent anything outgoing. You will need an anti virus on each machine though.
The only thing to watch is wireless reception will degrade through walls etc. You may just need to buy an intermediate wireless point if the distance is too great and/or with too many solid obstacles between the two machines. The Netgear site also has some really good network tutorials tucked away in the support section click here

  [DELETED] 22:45 03 Aug 2004

Just remember to run the network connections wizard on your XP machine, create a floppy when prompted and then run the file on the Win98 machine

  palinka 12:05 04 Aug 2004

thanks, inneedofhelp and others; that's useful.

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