wireless connection to aol on my laptop impossible

  [DELETED] 14:12 11 Jun 2006

I have aol platinum with the speedtouch 576 and I can't get a wireless aol connection on my laptop there's an error message "DNS server unreachable or unavailable (24-01-08-033)".

The laptop has automatically downloaded updates from Microsoft so something must be getting through.

In the aol expert set up it shows broadband choices and it shows the dial up modem (Conexant HDA)in the details window. I can't get it to recognise the Broadcom 440x 10/100 (is that a modem?) integrated controller or the intel(r) PRO wireless network connection.

I thought it would at least recognise the intel(r) PRO and use it to access the router but it's obviously more complicated than that.

I've not heard good things about aol's helpline so I'm reluctant to go there. Sooo, any assistance with this would be welcome, ta.

  Diemmess 18:49 11 Jun 2006

My son a month or two ago bought a laptop and had no trouble with rigging a wireless connection with Aol.
He had previously been using a standard "Voyager" connection with his desktop.

Unfortunately, I can't reach him for an hour or so, but when I do I will post the scheme he uses.

Meanwhile if you are unsure if you played the game AOL's way - loading the drivers first and waiting until you had a connection before you ran Aol, then try that way first.

  Diemmess 18:52 11 Jun 2006

You must be nearly there if you could download Microsoft updates.
You have tried opening Internet Explorer?

  Diemmess 20:32 11 Jun 2006

My son uses a D-Link wireless thingy which is conventionally usb connected to his desktop.

His Compaq laptop has a built-in WiFi.

Having bought his laptop he noted the detail specifications of the WiFi and took them to the local (good) computer shop.

He said "I have this....'ere"
Comp shop "You need that there"

Once the hardware matched, he had very little trouble setting it up.
He, I, and you all feel that the least helpful people were Aol, who seem to dislike giving advice if there is a sniff of wireless connection.

  Taff™ 22:18 11 Jun 2006

Manual click here and enough info in this thread to investigate click here

Incidentally, concentrate on the Intel Pro wireless connection. The Broadcomm is the Ethernet cable connection. You should have an encryption key on the bottom of the modem which you will need to enter at some point.

  [DELETED] 09:38 13 Jun 2006

Taff and all

Thanks for the interest, I don't feel quite so lost now.

Sorry to be so slow in responding but I couldn't face the dreaded machine after work.

Thanks for the manual, it's cleared upa lot of things. Well few the bits I understand anyway.

I'm thinking about using system restore on the laptop and starting again but I'll ignore the aol set up disc and use Internet Explorer to access the speedtouch site and take it from there.

Do you think it will be worhtwhile uninstalling then reinstalling on the desktop as well?

The encryption key on the speedtouch, is it the tiny sticker with a MAC code?

Ta J

  Taff™ 17:06 13 Jun 2006

If I were you I`d uninstall everything to do with the router from add/remove programs and start from scratch on ONE computer. The second one should be no problem. System Restore isn`t going to help you at all on this one in my honest opinion.

It`s not the MAC code you need though. There is reference to another code in the thread I gave you a link to.

Take it one step at a time and post back when you get a problem - then wait for one of us (or more) to offer advice.

  [DELETED] 20:06 14 Jun 2006

From Happy Jax

This is going to make me seem very stupid but never mind.

I'm now wireless and on the web on the laptop!!! Which is good. I'm also on the web on the desktop very good.

I think what I was doing wrong was to install AOL on the laptop. I forgot that I could access it through Internet Explorer so I sorted out the laptop connection to the speedtouch via the ethernet connection then pulled the plug and voila I'm wireless.

I hope it doesn't get lost when I switch off. I hope this will help others out there who know as much as I do.

Thanks all

PS Do I have to type in that very long WEP key evry time I go wifi?

  Taff™ 21:35 14 Jun 2006

No! It should remember it in the "profile". Post back again if you get stuck. Pull the plug and reconnect.

  [DELETED] 08:15 15 Jun 2006


Everything is fine. I was into shared files as well. Haven't tried printing yet. I assume the laptop doesn't need the printer's software installed on it, but I'll find out later today.


  [DELETED] 12:39 18 Jun 2006


I'm sharing files and printing so I'm doing what I wanted the laptop for.

Now considering venturing out into the big wide world of "hot spots"


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