wireless connection

  grahd1231 10:09 05 Jun 2010

i have 2 desktop computers one in the living room and 1 in bedroom. i live in a flat so the 2 rooms are nextto each other.i want to go wireless on computer in bedroom but for some reason my wireless card does not get strong enough signal from my router.the router is 108mps my wireless card is 54mps do i need a more powerfull wireless card

  bremner 10:49 05 Jun 2010

The 54mbps card should be good enough.

Do you have a cordless phone or microwave oven between the router and the laptop?

  Pineman100 11:21 05 Jun 2010

Some random thoughts:-

This is probably a stupid question, but you have enabled your router's wireless function, haven't you?

Is the living room computer connected wirelessly, or with a cable? If it's wireless, and is working fine, that lends weight to bremner's thoughts that something is blocking the wi-fi signal to the bedroom.

Have you checked Device Manager in the bedroom computer, to be sure that the wireless card is working properly?

  grahd1231 11:52 05 Jun 2010

the living room computer is on a cable.as is the bedroom they are on a secure network.mind you the router is next to a cordless phone

  spuds 12:04 05 Jun 2010

What are the router and card manufacturer's make model details?.

  grahd1231 12:09 05 Jun 2010

tp link router and belkin usb wireless adaptor

  woodchip 12:13 05 Jun 2010

as above first go into router settings and see if wireless is enabled

  bremner 12:14 05 Jun 2010

You should not have the router next to a cordless phone.

Wireless they both work at 2.4Ghz and the phone will interfere with the router.

Try changing the channel on the router and to see if it improves reception to the laptop.

  spuds 13:02 05 Jun 2010

ticked as resolved!!

  bremner 14:08 05 Jun 2010

It would be nice to know how you resolved your problem.

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