Wireless connection

  cooki8c 20:19 20 Aug 2007

can someone connect to my wireless broadband computer and interfere with my connection on messenger as every so often my messenger loses its connection to the person I am talking to in the USA

  woodchip 20:26 20 Aug 2007

Is your Wireless Router Secured? if you used a Ethernet cable it would be more secure

  Squirrel1 20:35 20 Aug 2007

Sorry, but, if you run an unsecured wireless network then it is tantamount to dangling a network cable out of your window with a great big notice on it saying 'Help Yourself!!!!'
All and sundry will help themselfs to your internet connection 'Thank you very much' and could start downloading unsavoury material. When the police go looking they will come to the IP address where this was down loaded, and guess what, they will come banging on your door!

  wky 20:53 20 Aug 2007

is it only to the person in the USA when it loses the connection if it is then it is probably at their end.

  cooki8c 11:21 21 Aug 2007

no!!!it seems to be just at my end as they dont have any problems and the message that keeps popping up on my computer is (this message cannot be sent) and I have to reinstall the messenger this occurs randomly there is no regular timing about it it can happen after 15 mins or 5 mins

  postie24 18:13 21 Aug 2007

If someone is using your network while you are on messenger,it can interfere with your signal if they are downloading material at that time.
Make sure you have encryption set up.

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