wireless connected but no signal

  kimosabi 14:06 20 Mar 2005

Hi Guys
I have been using my wireless laptop for some time although downstairs I was not getting a good signal and was dropping often but was acceptable, upstairs I was getting an excellent signal. You guys have been helping me with this problem and thanks.But all of a sudden I can't get any signal at all upstairs or down my setup is this ntl cable modem connected via my wireless router by ethernet cable to desktop wireless to my laptop.The router is a Sweex 80.iig model Lc000070 I can connect to the web with no problem using ethernet cables including ny laptop but the wireless to my laptop say's connected speed 36mbps but no signal and therefore can't get on the web I am on winxp home on both sets any help would be appreciated and will answer any question you require regards

  FelixTCat 16:02 20 Mar 2005

First, can you get a wireless connection when you move the laptop right beside your router?

Second, have you changed anything in the firewall of the laptop, like told it to block all traffic?

Third, have you installed any new software?

  kimosabi 16:35 20 Mar 2005

Hi Felix
no signal even when it is beside the router
yes all firewalls are off
no no new software

  kimosabi 16:50 20 Mar 2005

If I hold the router just above the laptop I get a low signal but not enough to get on the web Is it worth resetting my router to factory settings and starting all over again and if so do I remove any seting in my computer what keeps popping up is wireless network connection is now connected, connected to wlan, signal strengh low

  FelixTCat 17:16 20 Mar 2005

Before resetting, try changing the wireless channel on the router. There just may be some interference. Change the channel by at least 4 (i.e. if on 1 now, change to 5 or higher).

If that doesn't work, then resetting the router sounds like a goo idea. make sure that you have a note of the default address, log-in and password for the router (often, 1.1 or 0.254 and admin and admin)

  kimosabi 17:37 20 Mar 2005

How do I change the channel on the router I don't have a manual only the one I printed from the Sweex router site so I don't now how to change it and it say's to type click here to get the setup but it won't give me that site!! I don't know if tis makes any sense I am really dumb on this wireless business(Do I have to be concerned about my desktop because that works ok via the router with ethernet cable)the laptop works fine with cable via router

  FelixTCat 17:56 20 Mar 2005

What is the model number of your router?

Also, on your desktop pc, what is its IP address and what is the Default Gateway address? (Click on the network icon in the system tray and look on the Support tag to get this information)

  kimosabi 18:15 20 Mar 2005

model LC000070 Sweex(IP192.168.62.51 gateway kimo

  kimosabi 18:25 20 Mar 2005

On my desktop there used to be a gateway connection, a local area connection, 1934 conection all enabled now the gateway connection is no longer there dose this mean anything

  FelixTCat 19:05 20 Mar 2005

I don't know yet - clearly something has changed.

According to the Sweex site, the default log-in name is admin and the password is epicrouter. please write these down and remember them.

Now open your web browser (internet Explorer or whatever) and in the address bar type and press Enter. A screen should come up with a place to enter a log-in name and a password. Enter the details above and press Enter. A new page should come up with the title Home Page at the top.

If it does, close the browser and come back and tell us. If it doesn't, please tell us what does happen.

  kimosabi 19:25 20 Mar 2005

ok logged on to that site entered the name and password clicked ok but it returned to enter the user name and password again done this a few times same result kimo.ps as a thought do you think it could my antenna because I can now get on the net but the signal is low and if i move my laptop I lose connection it,s about 18inches away from router kimo

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