wireless connect problem

  Blubottle 16:46 05 Feb 2013

Hi I have a home wireless network already running and I am trying to add another pc but it cannot see my network, This additional pc is XP pro with a wireless dongle, when It look's at networks it sees all the surrounding networks but mine is not listed, for set up purposes it is in the same room and within 2 foot of the router,!!. help please

  Woolwell 17:01 05 Feb 2013

Is the SSID being broadcast?

  Blubottle 08:38 06 Feb 2013

Yes SSID is being broadcasted my ipad picks it up ok.

  Woolwell 10:42 06 Feb 2013

Changed channel?

Is the router broadcasting b, g and n? It is possible that the dongle cannot pick up n but I would have thought that it would still have seen the SSID.

  Ian in Northampton 14:25 06 Feb 2013

FWIW, I had a wireless dongle just arbitrarily give up on me a couple of weeks back. It was a bit mystifying to start with, but fortunately I had another lying around to identify the problem. For a fiver, I don't expect them to last forever.

  Blubottle 11:05 11 Feb 2013

Hi, Thanks for all your ideas which I have tried, what is puzzling me and has prompted me to ask this Q is that the network list sees networks around me that are in range but not mine, perhaps I need to buy another dongle,

  xox101 12:49 11 Feb 2013

Go into the router settings and turn off all wireless security. Make it "Open". Then check to see if the PC sees the network. If it does then it is something to do with the type of encryption you have selected in the router. Your new dongle may not support it. Turn the security in the router on again as soon as possible.

Also make sure your SSID is showing as visible and the router is set to a UK channel ie 1 to 11.

If all this fails try connecting the PC to the router by cable and then looking for an update to the dongles drivers.

XP is Service Pack 3? There was an issue a few years ago where XP needed a hotfix to bring it up to date with the latest wireless encryption. Service Pack 3 includes this.

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