Wireless - computers see each other but don't talk

  Chris123 16:16 07 Jan 2006

Help please!

Desktop computer is connected to wireless modem/router and connects to internet with no problem. Have set 128 bit WEP security on network.

Laptop has built in wireless and also connects to internet with no problem.

I have used Windows XP Wireless Set Up Wizard to allow both computers to 'speak' to each other. Both computers recognise each other but when I try to access desktop from laptop (or visa-versa) I am asked for password.

Set Up Wizard does not allow you to insert password, so what password should I be entering?


  ICF 18:12 07 Jan 2006

Are you logged on as the administrator?

  Chris123 18:27 07 Jan 2006

Yes - logged on as administrator

  madPentium 01:05 08 Jan 2006

the password is the user password on the pc.
Let's assume you have 'fred' as a user on pc1 with password 'derf' and pc2 is henry with password 'yrneh'.
On BOTH pcs, set up an account for Fred and an account for henry. Make sure they have the right passwords.
When you log into xp on pc1, log in as fred, and on pc2, log in as henry. Both pcs will allow access now without passwords as they are locked in. Ensure all accounts are setup as admin.

  mgmcc 09:16 08 Jan 2006

<<< when I try to access desktop from laptop (or visa-versa) I am asked for password. >>>

Have you actually set at least one folder as "shared" in each PC by right clicking it and selecting the Sharing & Security option. The Password prompt, if no passwords have actually been set, often indicates there are no "network shares" set up.

With XP *Professional*, you do need to have Accounts set up in both PCs with a common Username & Password.

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