wireless computer losing internet connection

  mark3986 23:29 20 Jan 2012

hello ive got a desktop computer which has wireless and is upstairs just recently it keeps losing my internet connection and i dont know why hopefully somebody can help

  lotvic 23:33 20 Jan 2012

Could be interference/blocking from other electrical equipment and also doors and walls etc. Next time it loses connection try walking round with it towards the router and see if it picks signal up again.

  lotvic 23:34 20 Jan 2012

Ooops, hope your strong :D just realised you said desktop pc....

  mark3986 23:38 20 Jan 2012

thats its only just started doing it and i carnt understand why

  rdave13 23:46 20 Jan 2012

Same as lotvic, really, but the interference might be outside for some reason. Try changing the channel the router is broadcasting. Log on to the router and find if the channel set is on auto then change, possibly to channel 9 or 11. Try others if same or worse.

  mark3986 23:55 20 Jan 2012

how would i do that dave

  birdface 00:02 21 Jan 2012

If you have a router and modem turn both off for 1 minute then turn the modem back on and wait for 2 minutes before switching the Router on and see if that helps.

  rdave13 00:04 21 Jan 2012

You will need to use a browser to type in the IP address of the router, something like then type the name and password to log in. You should have this info in the manual.

  sharpamat 09:00 21 Jan 2012

This is the sort of problem comeing up more often in the Forums,when I had this neither wifi or homeplugs fully resolved it.What l did was to hardwire with a longer ethernet cable (£12 from local TV shop ) run from the router downstairs to PC upstairs.simlar to smart TV (£10 shorter cable ), Problem solved and almost full signal strength ( less than 1% loss) allowing Wi Fi to be switched off, preventing leaching and increasing security

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