Wireless card stopped working

  HuckleberryUK 02:48 17 Oct 2014

last night my wireless adaptor card stopped working, it is a realtek pci gbe. i have addon installed and if I hove over the black X it says "wireless lan card not exist" and if I run a diagnostic test it passes the drivers but fails and reports "WLAN card disabled" I have no idea why this has happened please can you help me.

  HuckleberryUK 10:54 17 Oct 2014

I have a desktop pc. Also there are no exclamation marks in device manager. No clue why it isn't working :(

  HuckleberryUK 14:13 17 Oct 2014

it does show my realtek pci in device manager, and says it is working properly. I hey check the rear of my card and the led light is not working. So maybe it is the card which is broken. I have a Asus P7P55-M motherboard so how do I know what type of card I can buy that will fit into my slot? Thanks.

  HuckleberryUK 14:22 17 Oct 2014

Also I built this computer with parts I ordered, so it is custom home built. Also I have no way of downloading the latest realtek driver, as my internet seems to be only working for my smartphone, can someone donload it for me and send it to my gmail account? Maybe if I hook up my usb from my phone to my pc that might work.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 14:49 17 Oct 2014
  1. Unistall the card in devivce manager

  2. Shut down the PC and remove the card completely

  3. refit the card makinsure its fully pushed down in the slot

  4. reboot into windows and see if windows detects the card and re installs the drivers.

  HuckleberryUK 15:18 17 Oct 2014

I did what you said fruitbat, I even gave it a good hoover, I booted up, it reinstalled the device but still wont connect. The card I have is NWP210.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 15:55 17 Oct 2014

Sounds as if the card has failed. either repalce the card or use a wireless usb dongle

  rdave13 16:05 17 Oct 2014

You could try downloading the drivers from here to see if it will work. I would save the download first and scan it just in case but it looks like the manufacturers' site. If it fails to work afterwards then it looks as if it's failed.

  HuckleberryUK 16:44 17 Oct 2014

My motherboard is an Asus P7P55-M which cards will fit my slot?

  Secret-Squirrel 18:06 17 Oct 2014

" i have addon installed and if I hove over the black X it says "wireless lan card not exist"............"

Is this "add-on" also a wireless-connection utility that you're using instead of the normal Windows method? Because Device Manager says the card is present and working then maybe it's a software problem so try disabling this third-party utility and then use the Windows way of connecting to wireless networks.

  HuckleberryUK 18:48 17 Oct 2014

It doesnt let me launch the config utility. It is the program that came with the card. But it doesnt want to open the launch config. Im afraid if I uninstall it the card might become a vital error or stop working all together. Plus i dont know what types of card my motherboard can take.

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