Wireless card for laptop

  dumb brunette 20:28 01 Oct 2008

My son wants a wireless card for his laptop to allow him to surf. I have BT home hub already installed on my PC. Do I need anything else for my PC to allow him to surf on his laptop or is the card enough?

Also, what the best/cheapest one to buy?

  karmgord 21:37 01 Oct 2008

that's all,plus the logon password for the router(BT hub) obiviously the laptop has n't got a built in wirelss card that just needs switching on.

  tullie 22:12 01 Oct 2008

Are you shore laptop hasent got wireless installed,and that its switched on,they usually have unless its very old?

  lynken 22:45 01 Oct 2008

When the card and drivers are installed on the laptop it will inform you that there are wireless connections in range, select your bt hub and then it will ask for a wep code, this should have been provided with your installation kit or it will be printed on a sticker on your home hub, type in the wep code and you should have full internet access. Hope this helps

  woodchip 22:53 01 Oct 2008

Try the fn key plus one of the others may have antenna icon in blue on it. If not Wireless You Can get a PCMSIA WiFi Card or a USB WiFi Dongle a USB Dongle from Aldi is I think £9.99 I bought one and they work fine

  lynken 23:03 01 Oct 2008

The correct term is PCMCIA wi-fi card or usb wireless adaptor

  woodchip 09:23 02 Oct 2008

I am getting old plus I tend to type things wrong way round. May be you will be like this if you get to 72

  Halmer 09:28 02 Oct 2008


  woodchip 15:24 02 Oct 2008

Thank's at least some one can smile

  lynken 01:37 04 Oct 2008

Hi woodchip, sorry no offence intended, did you ever work on the valve computers :-) my oldest customer is 91 and still going strong.

All the best

  tullie 08:00 04 Oct 2008

Unless you like taking laptops apart,dont.

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