JOHN232 15:37 29 Dec 2004

I've just bought a Wanadoo Wireless Broadband pack intending to run both my desktop PC (which runs on Windows 98), and a recently aquired laptop (which runs on Windows XP).
Having had difficulty in connecting it up I'm now told that it's not compatible with Windows 98 and I'll need a minimum of Windows 98SE in order to be able to use it.
Anyone out there got any advice on how best to overcome this problem without spending a fortune.


  Valvegrid 17:03 29 Dec 2004

You can buy a copy of 98SE for just over thirty quid:

click here

  JOHN232 23:15 03 Jan 2005

Thanks for the response. What I'm not sure about is whether I simply need an upgrade cd or will I need to fully install Windows 98 SE. And if I do will I lose what I've already got on the computer.

  octal 06:21 04 Jan 2005

You can use an upgrade CD and retain all your documents/files but with any playing with the operating system you would be well advised to backup all your important data anyway.

I stand corrected on this but if you only have a full version of 98SE and want to upgrade from 98 I think you've got to rename the Windows file called win.com to win.old then it should load without tell you its already got an operating system on the computer.

I'm sure someone will confirm or shoot me down in flames if I'm wrong!

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