Wireless Broadband Connection

  georgemac 11:03 16 Jan 2005

A friend wants to connect his new PC to bb, but the phone socket is about 15 metres away, and as he is movinh house in 5 months, he does not want to install a new socket.

I have advised a wireless router and usb adapter, with the intention being of using an extension cable to connect to the router while it is connected to the PC, purely to set up the router with the ISP details and WEP and SSID details.

I will then connect the router to the socket 15 metres away, and connect the USB adapter to scan for the routers network then connect to the router and internet via usb.

This will cost about £85 (netgear dg834g), I am sure it will work, can someone confirm or let me know if there is a cheaper way to achieve this. He will not be connecting any other PC's to the network, maybe the b standard would be cheaper?

One further question, will he simply be able to take his bb connection with him when he moves to his new house?

  Jeffers22 11:12 16 Jan 2005

What you describe should work, and other than running a long ethernet cable from the router to the PC is probably as cheap as you'll get. My own preference would be for a pci wireless card rather than a USB dongle, but each to his own.

As to the transfer of the bb connection, I think it unlikely, but you should check with his intended ISP. It may pay to go with a supplier without a 12 month contract.

  josie mayhem 12:10 16 Jan 2005


He can just run a normal telephone extention cable from his socket to where he wants his computer, I use this set up on my boardband connection, my cable run is over 20m's and I have no problems with my broadband connection. A lot cheaper than wireless unless of course he intends to use a wireless set up once he moved?

  georgemac 12:23 16 Jan 2005

does not want to have the extension cable running through the house - wants a tidy set up

click here used this for another friend for networking 2 pc's - the set up is not particualrily user friendly but the kit itself seemed good

this is about the best deal I can find at the moment

jeffers22 - I use a usb dongle (netgear) and the above works very well too - saves using up a pci slot and saves opening the case.

  Kate B 13:16 16 Jan 2005

Hm, I had grief with a Netgear USB dongle - my machine kept crashing. I'd suggest you try something else to link the 'puter to the router (hey, that's great doggerel!).

I settled for an ethernet bridge - mine's actually a Belkin as it was a distress purchase at PC World when I was being driven bananas by the constant crashing - but it worked straight out of the box with my Netgear router. Plug the bridge into the machine's ethernet port and it should just pick up the wireless signal with no fuss.

I rejected a PCI card cos the antenna would have been tucked under my desk and the signal would have had to have found its way past two sofas, a fat cat, a subwoofer, a fax, a bag of cables, a backpack, piles of paper ... the bridge sits on the desk unobtrusively and has been 100 per cent reliable. Oh, and I couldn't be bothered to fiddle about opening the machine.

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