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  jimmer409® 18:55 09 Feb 2004

Hi everyone, live here in cornwall and am finally going to be connected to broadband on 10 mar 04, phone point downstairs, computer up, want to use wireless connection to do away with all the cables, thinking of signing up with BT and they supply a free ethernet modem, what do i need to connect from the modem to the computer? I know i need a wifi card in the computer, but can't seem to figure out what is needed downstairs. what is the difference bdtween a router and an access point. also what brand of gear would you recommend, help greatly appreciated.

  TheTerminator 18:59 09 Feb 2004

I;m similar to you... I bought a wireless router with built in firewall (very useful), got wireless network cards. I think an access point is the place the internet comes into the house, and a router is on 24/7 allowing any person to access the internet. The alternative is to not have a router and then you need a computer to be on if any other computer in teh house is to access the internet.
hope it helps

  LeadingMNMs 19:05 09 Feb 2004

My BT modem is USB not ethernet. I would advise the use of a router rather than sharing the connection via a host PC.

A router is a device that is connected to the phone line via an external modem or inbuild one. It checks data packets and either sends out the packet to the Internet or fowards it to the computer on the network that it is for. Simply it provides a method of connection between the Internet and your network.

An Access Point is a device that recieves and retransmit the signal. It is used when there are more than two computers on the network and should help boost the signal. The WAP can be used either on its own, or can be connected to a computer (probably the host if using ICS) which can use it instead of a wireless card.

If you only want to connect two computers then you are perhaps best to put wireless network cards in each and use ICS. However this will not allow simultaneous use of the Internet on both computers, to do this a router will be needed.

  joram10176 19:53 09 Feb 2004

Any idea of the cost of a router? and the best ones to buy? will it work with a cable modem?

  LeadingMNMs 20:21 09 Feb 2004

You can get a basic 'own brand' (eBuyer) combined ADSL modem and router for about £70 click here.

I don't have any recommendations on the best router, in my opinion I buy the cheapest ones but I'm sure that someone will have a good opinion. Netgear, Linksys, Belkin and D-Link are all popular makes but I haven't used much of their hardware.

If by cable modem you mean it has an ethernet port, then I should work with every router available, though of course if the router comes with a built in modem then their is no need for it. If it has a USB port then unless your very lucky you on't find a router that will connect to it.

  jjf72 13:26 10 Feb 2004

Can I ask why linking two computers together using ICS will not allow simultaneous use of the internet?
I've just bought two wireless network cards for that very purpose.

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