Wireless Belkin Connectivity Problem

  Graham1234 13:46 26 Dec 2005

Hi please help its driving me mad,

I have a Belkin ADSL modem with wirless G Router (FSD7632uk4).

Connected to this i have an HP desktop running windows xp SP2 through ethernet connection which works fine.

I also have another desktop (dell) connected wirelessly, the problem is that when ever i try to connect a wireless centrino laptop (Dell latitude D610) it fails to even find the router unless the other Dell desktop is disconnected. Or in other words only one wireless PC seems to be able to connect at a time!

I have checked the MAC and its disabled. I have looked at other topics but none seem to quite answer the problem, any help would be much appreciated.

Thanks for your time.

  Andrew-232963 14:27 26 Dec 2005

Hi graham.
If you use aol as your ISP i can tell you what to do. The main screen name for the Belkin wireless router must be a master screen name only and the password must not contain any numbers, only letters to a maximum of eight charactors. See how you get on... good look!

  Graham1234 15:27 26 Dec 2005

Thanks for you response so quickly! Unfortunatley I use NTL world as my ISP. Any further ideas?

  mgmcc 19:59 26 Dec 2005

I hope you are not trying to use a combined "Router/ADSL Modem" with NTL's *Cable* broadband because it won't work. That combination type of router is only for use with ADSL broadband over the phone line.

  Graham1234 23:28 26 Dec 2005

Thanks for the response, i have an adsl connection through the phone line so i guess thats not the problem. Thanks for the suggestion though, any further ideas greatly appreciated, as im totaly stuck with this one!

  Gee Bud 13:19 27 Dec 2005

Hmmm strange, are you sure its not connecting to the router or is it just not connecting to the internet?

  selfbuild 16:16 27 Dec 2005

I'm confused.... How do you connect to the internet? Cable or ADSL?

NTL is cable so if your phone line is with NTL then that particular Belkin wireless router is of no use to you.

  Graham1234 17:41 27 Dec 2005

The phone line is with BT but I have a broadband account from ntlworld using ADSL.

The connection works fine when the PC is wired to the router, the problem is when I try to connect more than one PC wirelessly. Then only those connected to the router with ethernet cables and one wireless PC can connect.

The problem is that the second wireless connected PC cant see the router, when i try to ping it, the response says the destination host is unreachable.

Hope this makes things clearer, its really strange! Any ideas much appreiciated.

  mgmcc 20:26 27 Dec 2005

Just a thought, but you haven't by any chance allocated identical fixed IP addresses to both Wireless Adapters?

What are the Ip addresses of the two adapters when they are *both* connected to the router?

  Graham1234 21:07 27 Dec 2005

I think they're generated automatically by the router but how do I check?

  mgmcc 22:53 27 Dec 2005

Open a Command Prompt window and, at the prompt, type IPCONFIG /ALL and press Enter. This will display details of all adapters installed in the PC together with their various addresses.

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